The Spanish Language Discipline

The Spanish Language Discipline

The Spanish language curriculum offers the integrated study of literature, language, and pedagogy. In small, seminar style settings, students will build their knowledge of Spanish language, literatures and cultures. With the guidance of Bard faculty, students will deepen their understanding of written and spoken Spanish as they move toward becoming a teacher of the language and its cultures.


The ideal preparation for the M.A.T. degree in Spanish language is a major in Spanish or the equivalent. Students who did not major in Spanish should contact the MAT Program for a transcript review. 

Sample Spanish Language Courses

  • Spanish 502: Introduction to Latin American Literature Expand for more.
  • Spanish 513: Summer School Field Experience Expand for more.
  • Spanish 554: In Words and Images: On Contemporary (Auto) Biography Expand for more.
  • Spanish 566: The Afterlives of Frederico Garcia Lorca Expand for more.

Education Courses

  • Education 502: Schooling in the 21st Century Expand for more.
  • Education 512: Identity, Culture, and the Classroom Expand for more.
  • Education 522: Curriculum and Assessment Expand for more.
  • Education 524: Language, Literacy, and the Adolescent Learner Expand for more.
  • Education 515, 525, 535: Teaching Lab Strands I, II, III Expand for more.