Our Degree Programs

Our Degree Programs

The Bard Master of Arts in Teaching Program offers several avenues for completion of the degree. All successful graduates receive a master of arts in teaching degree and New York State Initial Teaching Certification (grades 7-12). There are reciprocity agreements with more than 40 states in the United States.

One-Year Program

This full-time program of coursework and field experience leads to an MAT degree in one calendar year. Link to more. More

Two-year Program

The two-year program allows students to pursue the BardMAT part-time while they work.

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Dual-Degree Program

The MAT Program and the Bard Center for Environmental Policy offer a program leading to a master of arts in teaching and a masters of science in environmental policy.
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BA/MAT Program

The Bard BA/MAT Program is designed to offer Bard undergraduates a path to a BA, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and New York State grades 7-12 Teacher Certification in biology, history, literature or mathematics within five years of entering college. Link to more. More