Bard BA/MAT 4+1 Program

Bard BA/MAT 4+1 Program
BA/MAT 4+1 student Joshua Perez '19, MAT '20 Photo credit: P. Mauney

The Bard BA/MAT Program is designed to offer Bard undergraduates a path to a BA, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and New York State grades 7-12 Teacher Certification in biology, history, literature, mathematics, or Spanish within five years of entering college.

How it Works

By following this path, undergraduates receive advisement, engage in work with adolescents in public schools, and take courses that prepare them for the MAT program while they remain focused on the studies of their major. In their fifth year, they join an MAT graduate student cohort and carry out a full year of student teaching, closely supervised and supported by MAT faculty and staff.

Why Choose the BA/MAT?

The BA/MAT is an engaging and cost-effective means of earning a teaching credential through Bard College. While the four disciplines mentioned above are the primary certification areas, students in a variety of undergraduate majors are eligible. Upon graduation, they join over 400 MAT graduates who are teachers and administrators in public and private schools around the US and internationally.

Inquire With Us.

For detailed information about the BA/MAT, contact Cecilia Maple '01, Assistant Director for Admission and Student Affairs ( She can field any question you might have about eligibility, coursework, or future employment. Please note that this progam is only available to currently enrolled Bard College undergraduates.