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Students who complete the MAT Program at Bard are recommended for New York State Initial Teacher Certification (grades 7-12) by the College in Biology, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, or Spanish. All students can also receive TESOL Certification through a series of workshops offered at the College during their time in the Program. 

Certification Requirements (Initial Certification)

In addition to the requirements for the Master of Arts in Teaching degree, there are state requirements that must also be completed in order for certification to be granted. The Program provides guidance, support and information to current students regarding these requirements, completion deadlines, study guides and other important information. 

The fees below are related to NYS Certification and are required by the New York State Department of Education (NYSED). Total cost should not exceed $1000. All NYSED requirements are the financial responsibility of the student. General information about NYSED Teacher Certification requirements can be found on the NYSED website. Prospective students are encouraged to email us with any questions regarding certification requirements.

New York State Certification Requirements (an overview):
Fees are set by NYSED and are subject to change. Fees may vary by provider. More information about these requirements can be found by clicking on the links below. Certification costs are the responsibility of the student. 

Professional Certification 

(for BardMAT alumni/ae)
MAT Graduates are recommended for both their initial and professional certifications upon completion of their MAT degree with Bard College. Initial certification is good for 5 years, during which time, teachers work to fulfill the requirements to earn their professional certification. Click on "Download" for a complete list of requirements and relevant links. Alumni/ae should also feel free to email us with questions.  Download. Download