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  • Celia Hetterich "As a MAT Program mentor teacher, I've learned to question the value and purpose of everything I do in the classroom. Not just 'does it work?' but 'why does it work'?" VIEW MORE >>
  • Clarissa Coffey What inspires Clarissa Coffey, a Bard MAT Program mentor teacher in Manhattan? “I really love working with adolescents. They change their way of thinking very quickly. Observing these changes is what makes teaching rewarding for me.” VIEW MORE >>
  • John Crews “The level of preparation that Bard’s MAT students receive, both in content and pedagogy, is way beyond that of any other program I’ve known. My Bard student teachers come into the classroom with strong content knowledge and innovative methods.” VIEW MORE >>
  • Kathleen Hack “I’m in my 25th year of teaching middle school. As retirement looms in my relatively near future, working with apprentices assures me that my accumulated knowledge will be passed on to a new generation of outstanding teachers.” VIEW MORE >>
  • Michele Debye-Saxinger “Teaching is very rewarding—the days fly by.” VIEW MORE >>
  • Nic Vitale “Why did I become a teacher? Because I think teaching can be done better. I want to make school a more interesting, inspiring, and liberating place.” VIEW MORE >>