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All degrees receive a master of arts in teaching and a NYS initial teaching certificate.


Students who complete the MAT Program at Bard are recommended for New York State Initial Teacher Certification or California Single Subject Credential by the College.

Certification Requirements

In addition to the requirements for the Master of Arts in Teaching degree, there are state requirements that must also be completed in order for certification to be granted. These requirements differ between New York and California and the individual programs provide guidance, support and information to current students regarding these requirements, completion deadlines, study guides and other important information.

New York State

For general information regarding requirements for certification in New York State visit the New York State Education Department Website HERE

California State

Information on California State requirements and reciprocity can be found at

For more information

Prospective students can email the programs with any questions regarding certification requirements, individual state requirements, certification pathways and other teacher certification related questions.

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