Low Residency

The Bard MBA program is structured around monthly Weekend Residencies with regular online instruction in between. This low-residency design allows full-time Bard MBA students to continue working up to 30 hours a week. The part-time program, completed over three years, accommodates students working 30 hours a week or more. Residencies are held once a month over four-day (Fri-Mon) weekends for full-time students and three-day weekends for part-time students. Five Residencies are held each term, for a total of ten throughout the school year. 

Martin Freeman (MBA ’18)

"The Bard MBA fits my lifestyle. I live in Atlanta while working full-time for a major trauma center and safety net hospital system. The once-a-month, low-residency program allows me to have the best of both worlds—an elite education and a life."

+ Full-Time Weekend Residency Schedule

+ Part-Time Weekend Residency Schedule

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