In Bard’s experiential NYCLab course, MBA students complete a yearlong professional consultancy in the first year of their business program. Over two semesters, MBA students work with corporate, governmental, and nonprofit organizations to solve sustainability-related business problems. Student teams are assigned clients based on the team members’ interests and skill-sets and are mentored by Laura Gitman, Chief Operating Officer at BSR, a leading global organization that develops sustainable business strategies and solutions through consulting, research and cross-sector collaboration. Learn more about the key role experience plays in preparing for a career in sustainability.
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How does NYCLab work?

Working in teams, students engage in consultancies for businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits. The course runs two full semesters, from August through May. Teams develop and negotiate project agreements with clients that define the scope of work, project deliverables, deadlines, and expectations for communication and information sharing.

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Inward Point

Inward Point

Inward Point is a startup leveraging social and environmental sustainability to revolutionize the event industry. The project team developed a business plan to enable Inward Point to grow and scale their business. The team learned about entrepreneurship and small business development, while supporting a new business model focused on smart, sustainable outcomes.

"The Bard team started as a small group of bright students but became an integral part of how we grew our startup quickly and successfully. We're big fans of the Bard MBA program."
—Brendan Doherty, Founder, Inward Point

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