Bard MBA

Josh Henretig

Director, Environmental Sustainability, Microsoft Corporation

Josh Henretig Josh Henretig has been with Microsoft for seven years and has held positions in sales, business strategy and management, and environmental sustainability. Prior to Microsoft, Henretig worked at Onyx Software, where he held a variety of sales, marketing, and management positions. In his current position as senior environmental sustainability manager, Henretig is responsible for engaging with customers on the role of technology solutions in reducing their energy demands, managing their energy use and environmental footprints, and rethinking business practices that impact the environment. Henretig is also responsible for developing and managing a global community of “environmental sustainability leads” who, as ambassadors for Microsoft in their country or region, are responsible for localizing Microsoft’s corporate environmental strategy. Through this field organization, Henretig and his team focus on reducing the company’s business travel, driving energy efficiency improvements, engaging with customers and partners on the role of technology for sustainability, and working with local policymakers to advance the ways in which information technology can enable a clean energy economy.