Bard MBA

Low Residency

The Bard MBA is structured around Weekend Residencies with regular online instruction in between these Residencies. There are five Residencies each term: four in the heart of New York City, and one at Bard's campus in the Hudson Valley. Residencies take place over four days, beginning Friday morning and ending Monday afternoon. Students and faculty are together for an engaged and intense period, sharing class time, meals, down-time, and enabling a powerful kind of education that engages students for a lifetime of transformative work.

The Bard MBA program is based on a semester system. The fall term runs from late August through December, and the spring term from late January through May. There are no formal classes during the summer inter-break, though students will have assigned reading, and will be supported to seek out internships if they desire. The weekend sessions are run in conjunction with on-line instruction, typically from 7 pm to 10pm Tuesday and Thursday nights throughout the term.

Click here to see view the Fall 2013 Residency Schedule.

The Bard Difference

The Bard MBA model of weekend intensives has key advantages:
  • Accommodates professionals working up to 30 hours per week.
  • Supports attendance from across the region, country, and even the globe.
  • Enables teaching by leading national faculty and cutting edge practitioners.
  • Provides contact hours and content comparable to a traditional residential program.

2013-2014 Residency Schedule

 Attend a Weekend Residency!
Residency 1: August 23–26, 2013 at Bard 
Residency 2: September 20–23, 2013 in NYC
Residency 3: October 18–21, 2013 in NYC
Residency 4: November 15–18, 2013 in NYC
Residency 5: December 13–16, 2013 in NYC
Residency 6: January 24–27, 2014 in NYC
Residency 7: February 21–24, 2014 in NYC
Residency 8: March 14–17, 2014 in NYC
Residency 9: April 11–14, 2014 at Bard
Residency 10: May 9–12, 2014 in NYC


Housing and Transportation

Students are responsible for their own housing and meals in New York City. Room and board is provided as part of the program tuition for Weekend Residencies held in the Hudson Valley.

Students are responsible for all transportation expenses, including between sites in New York City, and to the Hudson Valley Location.