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Brady McCartney MS/MBA

Brady McCartney MS/MBA '14

I chose the Bard MBA program because Bard's joint MS in Environmental Policy/MBA in Sustainability degree allowed me to focus on both sustainable business and environmental public policy. The opportunity to pursue my graduate education in these relatively new fields at a well-established liberal arts institution in both New York City and the Hudson Valley made my decision an easy one.

The Bard MBA in Sustainability prepares students for leadership positions in a variety of business environments—from innovative start-ups to major corporations—with in-depth knowledge of core business skills through the lens of sustainability. The curriculum provides a grounding in management essentials, with a continual focus on building mission driven business either from the ground up,  or in existing companies pivoting towards social and environmental challenges.  The Curriculum is centered around three verticals:

Sustainability Vision: How can I see opportunity where others see environmental and social costs?

Leading Change:  How can I engage others in the vision? 

Business Mastery: How can I execute successfully on the vision?

These competencies are woven across Bard's integrated core curriculum. In our MBA Tool Kit, we list over 150 core concepts that our students master over the course of the program. These are the concepts ensuring that our students graduate with strong core business skills, as well as the ability to see mission-driven opportunities, and to lead business teams to capture them. 

Other business schools may offer a course or two in sustainability or social entrepreneurship. And other sustainability masters programs may offer a course or two in business fundamentals and business leadership. Bard's MBA in Sustainability is one of a select few programs around the world that fully integrates a focus on environmental and social purpose into a rigorous, core graduate business curriculum.



The Bard MBA is structured around monthly “weekend residencies” with regular online instruction in between these residencies. Five residencies are held each term: four in the heart of New York City and one in the Hudson Valley. Classes take place over four days, beginning Friday morning and ending Monday afternoon. Students also attend online classes Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the semester.


Business education, especially in sustainability, requires a strong hands-on orientation. A key component of the Bard MBA curriculum is NYCLab. During the first year of study, working in small teams, students consult for New York–area businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits. Each team is closely mentored by a faculty member. Second-year Capstone Projects provide the opportunity to take this work further and deeper.