Bard MBA

MBA Program

MBA Program
The Bard MBA curriculum is an integrated series of 19 courses taught over two years. Classes provide grounding in core business competencies with a focus throughout on the integrated bottom line: economics, environment, and social equity. From courses on leadership to operations, marketing to finance, and economics to strategy, our program builds sustainability from the ground up. The Bard MBA curriculum provides an unparalleled level of integration and focus. Visit the curriculum page to see how courses are structured in each of the four terms, and explore the detailed, rich content our program offers. 

Click below to download a copy of the 2013-2014 Bard MBA in Sustainability Catalog.


Business Fundamentals

Success in sustainable business requires mastery of core business fundamentals. Green companies have to execute around product quality and performance, efficient operation, sound financial management, deep employee engagement, responsible and effective marketing, and creative responses to changing economic conditions. Students in the Bard MBA program receive rigorous training in these core areas taught through a sustainability lens.

Modular Curriculum

The curriculum is modular, with each module topic addressed in a residency and the online instruction that follows it. In a sample module, the sustainability foundations course will focus on the business case for sustainability; the economics course on supply, demand, externalities, and the commons; the leadership course on self-awareness and transformational leadership; and the accounting course on causality, measurement, and sustainability.

Low Residency

The Bard MBA is structured around “weekend intensives.” Five of these intensives occur each term: four in the heart of New York City and one in the Hudson Valley, north of the city. Classes run for four days, beginning on Friday morning and ending Monday afternoon. Students and faculty are together for an engaged and intense period, sharing class time, meals, down-time, and enabling a powerful kind of education that engages students for a lifetime of transformative work.