Bard MBA

NYCLab 1 & 2

Fall 2012 – Spring 2013
3 Credits (each semester)

The key learning objectives for this course sequence are to understand:
  • The value and limitations of a business consultant
  • Team dynamics and leadership
  • How to apply skills learned in other classes to a real world case

Student Outcomes:
Students will gain confidence in their ability to solve business problems, to communicate effectively, and to work in teams. These consultancies are also designed to clarify career goals and provide opportunities to build personal networks.

  • Atkisson, Alan, The Sustainability Transformation, EarthScan, 2010.
  • Galea, Chris (ed) Consulting for Business Sustainability, McGraw Hill, 2010.
  • Greiner, Larry E. and Poulfelt, Flemming. The Contemporary Consultant – Insights from Experts, Thomson South-Western Publishing. 2004.
  • Greiner, Larry E., Olson, Thomas H. and Poulfelt, Flemming, The Contemporary Consultant – Casebook, Thomson South-Western Publishing, 2004.
  • Additional readings TBD.
Students will produce final written and oral reports. Grading is P/F, and a written performance assessment will be provided for each student from the team mentor. The most effective NYCLab project each year will be acknowledged by a vote of the faculty.

Course Outline:
NYCLab provides the opportunity, in teams of 6-7, for students to pursue consultancies for NYC area businesses, government agencies and non-profits. Each team is closely mentored by a faculty member. At the beginning of each term, the MBA program will solicit projects from area businesses; students teams will be assembled and matched with projects based on student interest and faculty expertise. Depending on the scope of the project, labs can run the full two semesters of the first year, or students can be involved in two consultancies, one each semester of the first year. Students will devote at least 6 hours of each residency to work on their NYCLab projects, and are expected to spend two hours per week during the inter-residency periods on project research.