Bard MBA

Capstone Proposal & Project

Fall 2013 – Spring 2014
3 Credits

The key learning objectives for this course sequence are to understand:
  • The intellectual process of mastering a business problem
  • How to develop and advance a fully researched business project
Student Outcomes:
Students will gain further confidence in their ability to solve business problems and to communicate effectively. Students will develop deep expertise in their area of concentration. Connections made in the research and development process will deepen students’ networks, and will provide opportunities for career development.

  • Readings TBD
Students receive P/F credit for each semester, as well as a written performance assessment from their mentor on their proposal. The highest quality final projects will be acknowledged by a vote of the faculty.

Course Outline:
The Capstone Proposal course is offered in the fall of the second year. Singly or in teams of two or three, students develop a 20-page narrative for a project proposal: a business start-up, an intraprenuerial project in their workplace, a consultancy, a research project, or a deeply developed business plan. Students work with an advisor throughout the fall and spring. In the final fall-semester residency, students present their proposals to faculty.
The Capstone Project is conducted during the final semester of the program, as students pursue these projects. The projects are presented to the school in the final spring residency.