Dual M.S./M.B.A. Degree Program

The dual degree offered through Bard CEP and Bard MBA is a three-year program designed for students developing careers at the intersection of policy and business. Students come away with master's-level training in environmental or climate policy, and a business degree focused on sustainability and social justice. The interdisciplinary coursework of CEP where students study environmental economics, policy, law, and science combined with the management, leadership, and business skills acquired through MBA create a dual-degree program is that is truly innovative in its focus and design. 
Libby Zemaitis MS/MBA ‘14

Libby Zemaitis MS/MBA ‘14

“I chose to learn to apply my science and policy skills in the business world because I believe that is where the greatest impact can be made. If we are to shift our understanding and use of energy and other natural resources, it must be viable and relevant in the current global economy. I believe that the Bard MBA in Sustainability allowed me to bridge the gap between climate science, innovative technologies, and business as usual.”

CEP Capstone: Managing Stormwater in the Hudson Valley: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Permeable Pavement
MBA Capstone: Up Homes: Creating Mass-Market Affordable, Sustainable Modular Homes
Currently Employed: Climate Outreach Specialist at Cornell University
CEO + Co-Founder: Up Homes, Co.

Program Schedule:

  • Year 1: Full-time first-year course work at Bard CEP (located on Bard's Hudson Valley campus)
  • Year 2: Full-time first-year course work at Bard MBA in Sustainability (low-residency program)
  • Year 3: Complete MBA second-year course work, Bard CEP Master's Thesis Proposal and Project, and MBA Capstone Proposal and Project

2017-2018 Tuition + Fees:

  • Year 1: $35,972; Fees: $1250
    (not including optional health insurance)
  • Year 2: $34,868; Fees: $950
    (not including optional health insurance)
  • Year 3: $49,314; Fees: $1,070
    (not including optional health insurance)