Bard MBA

Business Fundamentals

The Bard Difference

Success in sustainable business requires mastery of core business fundamentals. Green companies have to execute around product quality and performance, efficient operation, sound financial management, deep employee engagement, responsible and effective marketing, creative responses to changing economic conditions, flexible strategy, and continuous innovation. Students in the Bard MBA program receive rigorous training in these core areas. But unlike other business schools, all of our classes are taught through a sustainability lens.


In courses on Leadership and Operations, on Marketing, Finance, Economics and on Strategy, students are constantly challenged to integrate three goals: profit, continuous reduction in ecological impact, and stakeholder engagement. We explore how this process can create a new kind of company, one that can underpin the development of a sustainable, global economic system. Learn more about how business fundamentals are deeply integrated with sustainability in Bard’s unique MBA curriculum. MORE >>

Reality-Based Teaching

Bard’s MBA also helps students develop business skills through real-world engagement. Our NYCLab program involves first-year students in a year-long, closely mentored consultancies with area businesses or nonprofits, focused on solving pressing business issues faced by these companies. Students also have the option of pursuing internships while enrolled in the program. MORE >>