Bard MBA

Social Entrepreneurs and Sustainability

What is the difference between a graduate business program in “social entrepreneurship” and the Bard MBA in Sustainability?

Social entrepreneurs focus on only two bottom lines: a social mission and financial sustainability. Bard’s program, by contrast, is about the integration of planet, profit, and people. We foreground a business strategy predicated on continuous reduction in ecological impact. 

Through the Bard MBA, students master the ways in which successful businesses make money by learning from, protecting, and restoring ecological systems while delivering an in-demand product or service. The program then layers on the skills and techniques of social entrepreneurship. At the end of the day, building an ecologically sustainable and resilient business can only be achieved through just treatment of employees, customers, suppliers, business owners, and the community at large. At the same time, the justice-based goals of social entrepreneurs will be hollow achievements without an ecological sustainability revolution in business, which can lay the foundation for sustainable, shared prosperity.