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The property’s basic layout and contours have remained constant throughout most of the estate’s existence. Apart from formal gardens and manicured lawns, 45 acres of farmland and 235 acres of woodlands stretch from the Hudson River to the front of the property on River Road. Much of the property’s original 19th-century design remains, as well as gardens, water features, and trails from the early 20th century. Exceptional vistas include the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains, the rushing waters of the Sawkill’s lower falls, and the 80-acre South Woods forest. Montgomery Place’s orchards and agricultural land are another vital component of the site’s heritage and appeal.

The Grounds of Montgomery Place

The Architecture of Montgomery Place

Salon Series on Agriculture

A daylong gathering to address these questions: Can the Northeast feed itself? If so, should it? At what environmental or other costs/benefits? | October 6, 2018

Bard Fisher Center Presents The Stage at Montgomery Place: Gathering on the Banks 2018

A Celebration of Americana Music Featuring Simi Stone and Spirit Family Reunion on September 23 and a dance performance, Souleymane Badolo’s Yimbégré, on September 29

Bard SummerScape Gala 2018

Bard's Fisher Center honors Brice and Helen Marden, featuring music by Patti Smith with Lenny Kaye | July 14, 2018

Montgomery Place: A Window on the World of Alexander Jackson Davis’ Architecture and Design

Spring 2018 Salon Series

A Montgomery Place Salon Concert: Schubert

Performance of a Schubert quintet and a talk on "The Political Culture of Schubert's Vienna: Metternich and Domestic Life" | March 10, 2018

Hudson Valley Climate Salon Series

Climate Chaos and Its Impact on the People and Places of the Mid-Hudson Valley | October 29 – November 19, 2017

Music & Nature Concert

Bard College Conservatory students perform works by John Cage, John Luther Adams, and Toru Takemitsu | September 23, 2017