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Sacred Harp Singing

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shapenote music is a fiery form of four-part harmony a-cappella singing. Originating in 18th century New England and continuing right up to the present day in the rural South, shapenote singing is a living breathing tradition of American folk hymnody.

We sing out of a tune book called The Sacred Harp, one of the last books of this tradition still in common use.

We are a community of singing open to all! You don't need to know how to sing or read music to come. No prior experience is necessary: all will be taught. You just need to be ready to make some noise.

There is a weekly beginner's tutorial from Noon to 12.30 followed by a two-hour singing. Songbooks are provided.

Come be part of an exciting 200-year-old American tradition!

For more information, call 319-504-0157, e-mail ds582@bard.edu,
or visit http://clubs.bard.edu/sacredharp/index.htm.

Location: Bard Hall, Bard College Campus