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Difference and Media Project and Citizen Science Program present

Mosquito Wars in Italy: Malaria as an Instrument of Terror in World War II

Presented by Dr. Frank Snowden

Thursday, April 11, 2013

[Mosquito Wars in Italy: Malaria as an Instrument of Terror in World War II]
Dr. Frank Snowden is a Professor of History and Professor of the History of Medicine with appointments in both the Department of History at Yale University and the Yale School of Medicine. His research interests include Italian history, European social and political history, and the history of medicine. Professor Snowden has most recently been focusing on malaria, a parasitic disease that causes one of the most significant public health problems worldwide. In his latest book, The Conquest of Malaria: Italy, 1900-1962, Professor Snowden examines malariology in Italy with particular emphasis on World War II. In this talk, Professor Snowden will present the biological, political and sociological factors that led to the use of malaria as a biological weapon by Nazis in Italy. 

For more information, call 845-758-7490, or e-mail meyers@bard.edu.

Location: Hegeman 102