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Division of Languages and Literature and Translation Project present

Special Views of History

Benjamin Hollander and Ammiel Alcalay read from their work

Monday, November 18, 2013

Continuing from their afternoon practicum, and in the spirit of Charles Olson’s Special View of History, Hollander and Alcalay will read from their poetry and prose. Their reading will play off Hericalitus’s maxim which begins Olson’s Special View: “Man is estranged from that which is closest to him.”

For Alcalay, this means tracing event to memory to create another kind of consciousness in the present, a third eye on a distant landscape coming into zoom focus, or, like Jack Spicer’s poet as radio, radiating poems as messages coming in at different frequencies, frequenting multiple dimensions:  writing which, in Robert Duncan’s view, works toward immediacy as it seeks after origins.

For Hollander, this means a writing which reshapes and brings to focus our historical Imagination, where facts on the ground can be transformed into fables in the air: writing which aspires to conditions articulated by the biographer and translator Robert Payne, that “America was [and could be again] fable before it became fact. 

Please also join our guests in Olin 115, 11:30am-1:30pm (note time change) for our practicum, Ammiel Alcalay and Benjamin Hollander:  on Translation and Poetic Identity in the Age of Identity Politics

For more information, call 845-758-7203, or e-mail heinowit@bard.edu.

Location: Olin Language Center, Room 115