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Thursday, June 15, 2017
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Reem-Kayden Center Laszlo Z. Bito '60 Auditorium
3:00 pm
Michael Bergman
Emily H. Fisher Professor of Physics
Bard College at Simon's Rock
Earth's iron alloy inner core was not discovered until 1936-six years after the discovery of Pluto. For many years after that little was known about this most remote part of our planet, but in the last thirty years seismologists have been revealing it has some unusual properties. The cause of these seismic inferences remains uncertain, but they provide clues about the mineral physics and dynamics of the core. This talk will review the seismic observations of the inner core, and discuss their implications for its evolution.

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Time: 3:00 pm

Location: Reem-Kayden Center Laszlo Z. Bito '60 Auditorium