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Friday, March 9, 2018
Comparing Math Instruction Philosophies
Hegeman 204
1:30 pm
Amanda Katharine Serenevy, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Riverbend Community Math Center
We will discuss the differences among several prevailing math instruction philosophies, including traditional math instruction, conceptual math instruction, inquiry/project based learning, and math circle instruction. We will talk about the motivations behind some of these approaches, the reasons that math instruction is changing, and how to incorporate the various approaches when working with students.

Amanda Serenevy has been active with the Math Circle movement to connect mathematicians with young students interested in mathematics for many years. As a graduate student, Amanda first became involved with Math Circles as an instructor in Bob and Ellen Kaplan's Math Circle program in the Boston area. In November 2006, Amanda accompanied a group of American mathematicians during a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg to learn about Russian math outreach programs. Amanda regularly co-organizes events for mathematicians and teachers from around the country who are interested in starting their own outreach programs, and has mentored many new Math Circle leaders. Amanda continues to offer Math Circles in the South Bend area.  In 2006, Amanda and her husband Dean founded the Riverbend Community Math Center. Amanda continues to serve as the executive director, designing curricula and lessons, and leading professional development sessions for teachers and hands-on math activities for people of all ages.

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Time: 1:30 pm

Location: Hegeman 204