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Bard’s Brian Mateo Awarded Robert J. Myers Fund Fellowship

Brian Mateo
Scott Barrow
Brian Mateo, assistant dean of civic engagement and special assistant for admission and early college outreach at Bard College, has received a Robert J. Myers Fund fellowship in collaboration with Asha Castleberry, professor of political studies at Fordham University and defense council associate at the Truman National Security Project. The fund, established by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs in 2014, supports a range of activities concerned with engaging local communities in a collaborative exploration of how universal moral values compete with local claims and practices.

“I’m very excited to collaborate with Asha on this venture and engage veterans’ communities through the Robert J. Myers Fund,” says Mateo.

Mateo and Castleberry will use the Myers fellowship to research how populism has impacted ethics and leadership in the U.S. military and veterans’ communities. They will conduct focus groups and individual interviews with military officials and members of veterans’ groups in the greater New York City area, Washington, D.C., and Texas. As a result of their findings, they hope to raise awareness of military ethics and leadership in the context of public decision making; engage veterans and military officials with community members, especially undergraduates studying international relations and/or national security and U.S. foreign policy; and provide best practices for U.S. civil–military relations.

Upon completion of their research, Mateo and Castleberry hope to communicate their findings via the Carnegie Council’s podcast and provide a written resource that can be shared for educational purposes. They also plan on hosting an event for veterans at the D.C. headquarters of the Truman National Security Project and engaging college students around their research topic.
Post Date: 05-08-2018