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Are We All in this Together? Generalized Prejudice Theory and Stigma Experiences 
Thursday, October 17, 2019

The contexts that give rise to identity threats and their pernicious consequences for minorities are well documented. Yet, until recently, stigma researchers have largely assumed the necessity of a direct correspondence between safety/threat cues and the target (e.g., sexist remarks impact women). In contrast, this work demonstrates stigma transfer, i.e., the tendency for stigmatized group members to be threatened by prejudice targeting other stigmatized groups. In addition, this presentation will explore lay conceptions of prejudice that facilitate stigma transfer. Lastly, studies explore parallel responses to identity safety cues across identity dimensions. This talk will challenge long-held notions about the boundaries of stigma and have important implications for minority health, organizational diversity, and intraminority relations.

Time: 4:45 pm – 6:00 pm
Location: Preston Theater
Sponsor: Psychology Program
Contact: Justin Dainer-Best.
Phone: 845-758-7223

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