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June 2012

06-28-2012 A Way with Words: Arthur Holland Michel '13 Interns at the Paris Review
06-25-2012 Bard Early College Students Rise to the Challenge in New Orleans
06-25-2012 SummerScape Opens with American Premiere of Let My Joy Remain
06-22-2012 Does the President Matter? Hannah Arendt Center Announces Fall Conference Lineup
06-20-2012 Summer Internship Snapshot: Working on Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue
06-19-2012 Banishing Oblivion: Political Studies Professor Roger Berkowitz on Aung San Suu Kyi and Hannah Arendt
06-15-2012 The Mongol Rally: Our 10,000-Mile Journey from London, England to Mongolia for Charity
06-14-2012 Humanities Scholars from Around the Globe Gather for First Annual Arendt Center Working Group Conference
06-13-2012 Bard Faculty Member Swapan Jain Awarded Grant for Research in Chemistry
06-12-2012 Katherine Kenney '13 Combats Homelessness in Connecticut
06-11-2012 What Can College Mean? Lessons from the Bard Prison Initiative
06-07-2012 Peace Corps Report: Sonia Slavinski in Ghana
06-07-2012 Bard Appoints Noted Writer Michael Specter to Faculty as Visiting Professor of Environmental and Urban Studies
06-06-2012 Bard Students Gain Experience in Summer Internships
06-03-2012 Bard Prison Initiative Celebrates Ninth Commencement
06-01-2012 One Day on Earth, a Film Coproduced by Daniel Lichtblau '03
06-01-2012 Bard CEP Student Works to Bring Solar Panels to Ñaupe, Perú
listings 1-17 of 17