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February 2019

02-14-2019 Software Designer Patrick Hebron ’06: Google Translate Is a Literal Representation of Wittgenstein’s Theory of Language
02-11-2019 Omar Encarnación: Is Far-Right Populism Gaining Ground in Spain? What Vox’s Rise in Andalusia Means for Spain
02-10-2019 Sinuous and Dazzling: In Spell, Ann Lauterbach Expands the Possibilities of Poetry
02-09-2019 Writer in Residence Valeria Luiselli, At Home in Two Worlds
02-09-2019 Professor Gidon Eshel Comments on the Best Diet for the Planet and for Us
02-08-2019 Bard Alumna Joy Al-Nemri '18 Wins People’s Choice Award at Miss Arab USA Pageant
02-08-2019 Interview: Bard College at Simon’s Rock Professor Brendan Mathews on His New Book
02-05-2019 Bard Diplomat in Residence Frederic C. Hof on American Policy at the Crossroads in Syria
02-05-2019 Upcoming Broadway Revival of Oklahoma! That Began at Bard Will Join Gun Neutral Initiative
02-05-2019 Bard’s Kenneth Stern Writes on When the Nazis Came to Madison Square Garden
02-05-2019 On the Rise: Bard Alumna Virginia Hanusik ’14 Photographs the Vanishing Coast of South Louisiana
02-05-2019 BECNO Symposium on Social Injustice Provides Forum for High School Scholars
02-04-2019 Bard Writer in Residence Valeria Luiselli’s Lost Children Archive Confronts the Complexities of Writing About the Border Crisis

January 2019

01-30-2019 Bard Professor in the Arts Neil Gaiman on His New Storytelling MasterClass
01-29-2019 Central European University in Budapest Welcomes CEU-Bard Joint Program Visit
01-29-2019 Bard Prison Initiative Receives Grant from Art for Justice Fund in Support of Documentary Film
01-29-2019 Opinion: BEC Hudson Executive Director Michael Sadowski on Slowdown in Schools’ LGBTQ Inclusion
01-29-2019 Bard Physicist Hal Haggard Coauthors Study on the Holographic Description of 4-D Spacetime
01-28-2019 Steven Matijcio MA ’04 Named Director and Chief Curator of Houston’s Blaffer Art Museum
01-28-2019 Bard’s James Ketterer Joins WAMC Roundtable to Comment on Peace Talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan
01-27-2019 Drone Center Codirector Arthur Holland Michel ’13 on Counterdrone Capabilities in the Middle East and Beyond
01-26-2019 Bard Writer-in-Residence Wyatt Mason Interviews Norwegian Novelist Linn Ullmann
01-26-2019 The Mammals, with Bardian Ruth Ungar ’97, Use Music as a Catalyst for Social Change
01-25-2019 Artist and Writer Juliana Huxtable ’10 among United States Artists’ 2019 Fellows
01-23-2019 Bard Alumna Hannah Bronfman ’11 on Ditching #BodyGoals and Doing What Feels Good
01-23-2019 Vogue on BHSEC Alumna Leah Hennessey ’07: This Is How You Make a Scene
01-22-2019 Bard’s Harry Johnson ’17 Receives 2019 Black History in the Making Young King Award
01-22-2019 A Palm Tree, a Color, and a Mythical Bird: Bard’s Robert L. Cioffi on the Mystery of the Phoenicians
01-22-2019 New Study Led by Bard Biologist Felicia Keesing Finds Wild Animals and Livestock Can Coexist and Even Benefit Each Other
01-22-2019 Bard Alumna Michelle Handelman MFA ’00 Receives 2019 Creative Capital Award
01-22-2019 Neuroscientist Georgia Hodes ’94 Studies New Approach to Combating Depression
01-22-2019 Listen: A Rare Gem by Bardians Jeanne Lee ’61 and Ran Blake ’60
01-21-2019 Bard Alumnus Adam Conover ’04: Why I Joined the Picket Line with L.A.’s Striking Teachers
01-17-2019 Eight Thousand Bikes and Counting: Bardian Winston Duncan ’17 Brings Wheels to Kids Who Need Them Most
01-08-2019 Bard Professor Emerita of Dance Aileen Passloff and Bard Alumni/ae Perform at 92nd Street Y
01-07-2019 Professor Nuruddin Farah’s North of Dawn Grapples with the Grief of a Suicide Bomber’s Family
01-07-2019 Bard Economist Pavlina Tcherneva: PAYGO Is Based on a Fallacy
01-07-2019 Brazil’s Love Affair With Diplomacy Is Dead, Writes Omar G. Encarnación
01-06-2019 BHSEC’s Steven Mazie: Supreme Court’s Term Likely to Heat Up in 2019
01-06-2019 Nayland Blake Retrospective in L.A. Makes Hyperallergic’s Must-See List for 2019
01-05-2019 Sara Mardini Is Public Radio International’s No. 1 Woman Who Made a Difference in 2018
01-04-2019 Ro Byer ’22 on His Choice to Begin His Bard Education in Berlin
01-04-2019 Photographer, Aperture Portfolio Prize Winner Ka-Man Tse ’03 Contemplates What It Means to Be Seen
01-03-2019 Aiden Feltkamp MM ’16: Does Opera Need Gendered Voice Types?
01-03-2019 Bard Alumna Cindy Binnie MAT ’10 Recognized for Teaching Excellence in 2018
01-02-2019 2018, the Year of the Woman: Bard Student Sage Grace Dolan-Sandrino Featured in New York Times

December 2018

12-31-2018 Ronan Farrow ’04 Is a GQ Man of the Year
12-30-2018 Bard Junior Edwar Aviles-Mercedes Is Breaking Barriers to Advance Marginalized Communities
12-29-2018 Rolling Stone Calls Beastie Boys Book the Best Audiobook of 2018
12-28-2018 Interview: Director Kenneth Stern on Bard’s New Center for the Study of Hate
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