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October 2018

10-16-2018 Bard Early College Academy at KIPP Renaissance High School in New Orleans Welcomes Inaugural Class of 45 Students
10-16-2018 First Volume of Hannah Arendt’s Complete Works, Critical Edition, Edited by Bard Faculty Bartscherer and Wild
10-16-2018 Registration Open for 2019 Hyman P. Minsky Summer Seminar at Levy Economics Institute of Bard College
10-16-2018 Bard Holyoke Professor’s Film Featured in Meet the Press Film Festival
10-09-2018 Vijay Gupta, Faculty Member at Bard’s Longy School of Music, Named MacArthur Fellow
10-09-2018 Bard Prison Initiative Alumnus Jule Hall ’11 Speaks at Atlantic Festival
10-09-2018 Bard MFA Alumna Layli Long Soldier ’14 on the Freedom of Real Apologies
10-09-2018 Gallery as Form: The Conditions of Being Art at Bard’s Hessel Museum
10-09-2018 Professor Omar G. Encarnación: The Catalan Crisis, One Year Later
10-09-2018 Review: Daniel Fish’s Reimagined Oklahoma!, Which Premiered at Bard SummerScape, Opens Off-Broadway
10-09-2018 Bard Faculty Member Daniel Akst Reviews The Hazards of Good Fortune
10-09-2018 Bard MFA Faculty Jace Clayton, AKA DJ /rupture, Presents Multimedia Performance Honoring Artist Jacob Lawrence
10-02-2018 Frieze Reviews The Conditions of Being Art: Pat Hearn Gallery & American Fine Arts, Co. at Bard’s Hessel Museum of Art
10-02-2018 Review: Daniel Steegmann Mangrané at Hessel Museum of Art, through October 14
10-02-2018 New York Times on the Arrest of Bard Berlin Student Aiding Refugees
10-02-2018 Review: Holy Objects That Transcend Religion at the Bard Graduate Center
10-02-2018 Bard Graduate Center Launches Citywide Ex Voto NYC Program
10-02-2018 Walking the Graffiti Gauntlet: New Works by Photographer Josephine Sacabo ’67 Focus on Women as Targets of Rage
10-02-2018 Bard Alum Sarah Elia ’06: Teaching English as a Foreign Language with the New York Times as Textbook
10-02-2018 Bard College Joins the Nonprofit Organization Colleges That Change Lives

September 2018

09-25-2018 Alums Sarah Draney ’64 and Rick Klauber ’72 among Winners of NYFA’s 2018 Murray Reich Distinguished Artist Award
09-25-2018 Jonathan Cristol ’00 Weighs In on Issues Facing the UN General Assembly as 2018 Session Opens
09-23-2018 Syrian Students in Their Own Words: Bard College Berlin and IIE PEER Collaborate on Video Series
09-22-2018 Grazing Goats Provide Sustainable Weed Control at Blithewood
09-22-2018 BGIA Director James Ketterer Joins WAMC Roundtable to Discuss Forced Migration Crisis and Other Global Issues
09-21-2018 An Uncommon Woman: Composer Joan Tower Reflects Upon Six Decades in Classical Music
09-20-2018 Bard Alum Allie Cashel ’13 Raises Awareness around the Experience of Living with Chronic Illness
09-19-2018 Bard Alum Deanna Kawitzky ’09 Leads Study Analyzing Biofeedback as Form of Voice Therapy for Transgender Women
09-18-2018 A Celebration of Blithewood’s Garden: 115 Years of Beauty in the Hudson
09-18-2018 Bard Writer in Residence Wyatt Mason Profiles Novelist and Psychiatrist Daniel Mason
09-18-2018 Bard MAT Alum Alhassan Susso ’12 Named 2019 New York State Teacher of the Year
09-18-2018 Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s BoJack Horseman Launches Fifth Season to Rave Reviews
09-18-2018 CCS Bard Alum Manuela Moscoso MA ’11 Appointed Curator of 2020 Liverpool Biennial
09-18-2018 Review: The Conditions of Being Art: Pat Hearn Gallery and American Fine Arts, Co. (1983–2004) at Bard’s Hessel Museum of Art
09-11-2018 The Orchestra Now Launches 2018 Fall Season on September 15
09-11-2018 Interview: Roger Berkowitz on This Year’s Hannah Arendt Center Conference
09-11-2018 The Times Asks President Botstein, Others to Choose the Five Minutes of Classical Music They Cherish
09-11-2018 Agents of Faith: Votive Objects in Time and Place at the Bard Graduate Center
09-11-2018 Bard’s Frederic Hof Comments on Warnings of Idlib Massacre in Syria
09-11-2018 Review: Professor Richard Aldous on Ian Kershaw’s Roller-Coaster: Europe 1950–2017
09-11-2018 Bard’s Eli Dueker: Coastal Fog Can Act as Vector for Microbes
09-04-2018 Bard Professor Lauren Rose Empowers Girls Through Math
09-03-2018 Times Reviews CCS Bard/Hessel Museum of Art Exhibition Conditions of Being Art
09-02-2018 A Tempo: Bard College’s The Orchestra Now (TŌN) Explores New Musical Directions
09-02-2018 Bard’s Neil Gaiman Makes Shortlist for Alternative Nobel Literature Prize
09-01-2018 A Conversation with Grayson Morley ’13, Winner of a PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers

August 2018

08-31-2018 Latest Exposé by Ronan Farrow ’04 Focuses on the Conspiracy Memo about Obama Aides that Circulated in the Trump White House
08-30-2018 Author and BHSEC Queens Library Director Jess deCourcy Hinds on Making High Schools into True Literary Spaces
08-28-2018 Bard College President Leon Botstein Celebrates Leonard Bernstein’s Political and Social Engagement
08-28-2018 BGIA Director James Ketterer Joins WAMC Roundtable to Discuss Breakdown in Foreign Policy under Trump
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