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October 2011

10-01-2011 MIT Professor Craig Wilder Reflects on His Work with Bard Prison Initiative, Empowering Inmates to Get College Degrees

September 2011

09-28-2011 Alumni Profile: Life and Art, Side by Side in the French Quarter
09-28-2011 Bard MFA Student Rebecca Brewer Wins $25K Painting Prize
09-23-2011 New York Times Praises "Hats" Exhibit at Bard Graduate Center
09-22-2011 President Leon Botstein Discusses "The Schools We Need" with Orion Magazine
09-19-2011 Bard Levy Institute Economist Dimitri Papadimitriou: Greece Will Default Soon
09-18-2011 Bard's Young Coaches Draw on Common Past to Get the Job Done in Liberty League
09-18-2011 Levy Economics President Dimitri B. Papadimitriou Looks at Endgame for the Euro
09-15-2011 Alumni of Bard High School Early College in Manhattan Speak to Current NYC Early College Students about Their Success, the Importance of Getting a Head Start
09-15-2011 Bard CEP Director Eban Goodstein: Bard Students Building a New Society for Young Climate Leaders
09-14-2011 Bard College Named to List of Most Rigorous Colleges by Daily Beast/Newsweek
09-09-2011 Roger Berkowitz on the Next Generation of Human
09-08-2011 Mayor Cory Booker Commends Newark Schools and Bard College for Collaboration at Opening of New Bard High School Early College
09-08-2011 Die-Hard Recession Heads Off the Charts, Requires Aggressive Measures, by Levy Economist Dimitri Papadimitriou
09-07-2011 "Ladies First, Women Last": The Complex Interplay of Religion, Sexual Mores, and Women's Rights, by Professor Ian Buruma
09-07-2011 Bard MFA Music Professor Marina Rosenfeld's Good Vibrations for Teenagers and iPods in Australian Music Festival
09-03-2011 Larry Fink's Up Close and Personal Celebrity Photographs
09-02-2011 Microcinemas Thrive in New York City with Proponents Like Bard Film Professor Ed Halter
09-01-2011 Bard Center for Curatorial Studies Director to Curate Exhibit at Adobe Museum

August 2011

08-29-2011 Bard Alums Working in Egypt See Arab Spring Turn to Summer of Discontent
08-26-2011 Chronogram Applauds Binyavanga Wainaina's New Memoir
08-22-2011 The Bard Music Festival: Social Context as Musical Theme
08-22-2011 PBS NewsHour Viewers Respond to "Bard Behind Bars"
08-19-2011 Classics Professor Daniel Mendelsohn Discusses the Misuse of "Sword of Damocles" in Political Speech
08-16-2011 Spotlight on Bard Alumna, Professor, and Assistant Dean Ariana Stokas
08-15-2011 Oprah Magazine Praises New Memoir from Kenyan Writer and Bard College Achebe Center Director Binyavanga Wainaina
08-14-2011 The Transformative Paradoxes of Jean Sibelius: President Botstein on the Featured Composer of this Year's Bard Music Festival
08-14-2011 Professor Bruce Chilton on Jesus' Mother Mary
08-12-2011 Bard Levy Economics Institute Scholar James K. Galbraith on the Crisis in Economic Thought
08-11-2011 Professor Ian Buruma Explores What He Sees as Europe's Turn Toward Conservatism
08-11-2011 Nordic Exposure at Bard Music Festival
08-09-2011 Europe's Less Than Perfect Union, by Professor Walter Russell Mead
08-08-2011 Bard Music Festival "Promises a Fascinating Tour" of Sibelius
08-07-2011 Professor Stephen Shore's Abu Dhabi Photography Finds a Uniquely Arabic Identity in "the Little Symbols of Life"
08-05-2011 Levy Institute Scholar Coauthors "Shock Doctrine and the Debt Limit" for The Hill
08-04-2011 Bard Alumni and Founders of MyBlockNYC Make Community Filmmakers Shine at MoMA
08-04-2011 Bard's Annual Edible Sculpture Party: If You Build It, They Will Eat
08-01-2011 Bard's Die Liebe der Danae: Even as Financial Fears Mount, Real Love Outweighs Gold

July 2011

07-31-2011 Professor and Achebe Center Director Binyavanga Wainaina's New Memoir "Upends Stereotypes of Africa"
07-27-2011 A Sleepaway Camp Where Math Is the Main Sport
07-27-2011 The Bard Prison Initiative: How to Succeed in Business by Really, Really Trying
07-27-2011 Review: Bard Writer in Residence Edie Meidav's Novel Lola California
07-26-2011 An Interview with President Botstein on Education and the Arts
07-26-2011 From Ball and Chain to Cap and Gown: Getting a B.A. Behind Bars
07-25-2011 Professor Walter Russell Mead Urges African-American Job Seekers to Look to the Private Sector
07-02-2011 "The Future Still Belongs to America," Writes Global Studies Professor Walter Russell Mead
07-01-2011 Bard Psychology Professor and Students Coauthor Paper: "Implicit Science Stereotypes Mediate the Relationship between Gender and Academic Participation"

June 2011

06-27-2011 Russia's Finance Minister Aleksei Kudrin Named Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences at St. Petersburg State University, Bard Partner in the Smolny College Dual Degree Program
06-27-2011 Q. and A. with Aleksei L. Kudrin, Liberal Arts Dean at Bard Partner St. Petersburg State University
06-20-2011 Bard Fiction Prize Winners on Getting Started as Writers
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