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January 2012

01-30-2012 Xaviera Simmons '05 Is One of Nine NYC Artists You Need to Know Now
01-30-2012 Bard Faculty on Mentors, Music, and Evil
01-30-2012 "World-Class Music Program a Hit" at Paramount Bard Academy in California
01-26-2012 Russian Educator Visits BHSEC in New York City to See Curriculum in Action
01-26-2012 Binyavanga Wainaina, Author and Bard Achebe Center Director, Writes about His Native Kenya with "Searching Honesty" in New Book
01-26-2012 The Hunt for Mengele's Skull: Human Rights Project Director Thomas Keenan on the Use of Forensics in War Crimes Investigations
01-25-2012 Could a Bard Alumna Be the Next Arizona Representative?
01-23-2012 "The Mother Courage of Rock," by Writing and Photography Professor Luc Sante
01-23-2012 Bard Writer in Residence Teju Cole's Novel Open City Is National Book Critics Circle Finalist
01-23-2012 Ann Goldstein to Receive Bard’s Curatorial Excellence Award
01-20-2012 Bradford Morrow's The Uninnocent Is New York Times Editors' Choice
01-20-2012 Bard Photography Professor Stephen Shore On Shooting Israel: ‘Focused Like a Laser Beam’
01-20-2012 Bard CCS Kicks of 20th Year with Participatory Exhibits and Landmark Fundraising Campaign
01-20-2012 Bard HS Early College One of the Innovative Partnerships Remaking Newark Schools
01-20-2012 Beyond the Triple Bottom Line
01-19-2012 Bard: Slow Water, Clean Water & Learning Across Borders
01-19-2012 Bard Alumnus Jack Blum '62 Weighs in on ABC News: Romney Parks Millions in Cayman Islands
01-17-2012 Bard Alumnus Nick Jones's Next Project: A Musical about Grizzly Adams and His Bears
01-11-2012 Pondering Pestilence: Free Citizen Science Lecture Series at Bard
01-11-2012 Bard Professor Emeritus and Acclaimed Author Chinua Achebe on Occupy Nigeria Strikes
01-06-2012 Bard College Wins $575,000 Grant | Environmental Program Gets Boost
01-05-2012 An Interview with Bradford Morrow
01-05-2012 North Korea's Tears: Bard Professor Ian Buruma Considers Meaning of Nation's Public Grief in the Wake of Kim Jong-il's Death
01-02-2012 Homer's Iliad Retold
listings 1-24 of 24