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December 2012

12-31-2012 President Botstein Asks: Can El Sistema Be Adapted for the United States?
12-28-2012 From Shadows Into Light: Letters of Pulitzer Prize–Winning Poet Anthony Hecht '44
12-27-2012 An Opening That Echoes Endlessly, by Bard President Leon Botstein
12-27-2012 Daniel Mendelsohn on Literary Criticism in 2012
12-24-2012 Bard Professor Mark Danner on How, and What, Obama Won
12-23-2012 So Percussion: Bard Percussion Faculty Break New Ground
12-22-2012 Bard Writer in Residence Teju Cole Shares "Farewell Tour," a Short Story for the Holidays
12-22-2012 Human Rights Professor Helen Epstein on the Wrong Way to Fight Polio
12-21-2012 The Last Lion: Bard History Professor Richard Aldous Reviews Final Volume of Churchill Biography in New York Times
12-21-2012 Review: Bard Chaplain and Professor Bruce Chilton on Jesus' Infancy Narratives, by Pope Benedict XVI
12-21-2012 Some Worlds for Dr. Vogt: Poem and Video by Bard MFA Faculty Matvei Yankelevich in BOMB Magazine
12-20-2012 Bard Italian Professor Joseph Luzzi Helps Explain the Myth of the Jersey Shore
12-20-2012 Local Filmmakers Plan Documentary about Opus 40, Professor Harvey Fite's Masterpiece
12-20-2012 Bard Makes L.A. Times List of Unusual, Thought-Provoking College Application Questions
12-19-2012 The Many Lives of Adolfas Mekas, Bard Professor and Giant of Avant-Garde Film
12-18-2012 Dawn Upshaw and Conservatory Students Perform Winter Songfest Fundraiser
12-18-2012 Bard Professor Michael Specter on the CIA and the Polio Murders
12-14-2012 Bard Curator Debbie Klein Shows Barbie's Proto-Feminist Side in New Exhibit
12-11-2012 Googling the Apocalypse: BHSEC Professor Steven Mazie on the Web as Epistemological Vortex
12-11-2012 Brooklyn Rail Takes an In-Depth Look at the Bard MFA Program with Adam Marnie MFA '12
12-06-2012 Mars and Music: Composer, Author, and Bard Professor Kyle Gann on Battle Music
12-04-2012 The Page Speaks: Private Journals of Jan Sawka Exhibited at Bard
12-04-2012 Simon's Rock Professor Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez Takes a Closer Look at Cheating
12-03-2012 X-Men Heroes Have Roots at Bard College

November 2012

11-30-2012 Bard Photography Professor Tim Davis Explores the Unzoned America
11-30-2012 Whitney Curator Elisabeth Sussman Wins CCS Bard’s 2013 Curatorial Excellence Award
11-30-2012 Bard Students Help Enrich Red Hook, Germantown Middle Schoolers
11-29-2012 Christine Kennedy MBA '15 Says Sustainability Challenges Should Make Engineers Giddy
11-26-2012 Larry Hagman '53, Bard Alumnus and Dallas Actor, Dies at 81
11-25-2012 Reimagining the Iliad: Bard Author Teju Cole Does Inaugural Brick Magazine Podcast
11-22-2012 The Politics of Fear, by Bard Faculty Member Mark Danner
11-19-2012 Homeland Security Assistant Secretary Pia Carusone '03 Is One of The Hill's 25 Women to Watch
11-19-2012 An Interview with Bard Writer in Residence Teju Cole
11-15-2012 Bard College Farm: A Small Plot to Connect Town and Gown
11-15-2012 Evening of Music by Professor Harold Farberman Is a "Triumph of Collage"
11-15-2012 Piano for No Hands: John Cage Centennial Celebration at the Fisher Center
11-15-2012 Bard Professor Walter Russell Mead on Nuclear Strategy Today
11-14-2012 Bard Alumnus James Perry '71 Gets Back to Sculpting After 30-Year Hiatus
11-14-2012 Biography by Professor Myra Young Armstead Uncovers Local Icon
11-13-2012 Christine Sun Kim MFA '13 Named as 2013 TED Fellow
11-13-2012 An Interview with Bard Student, Composer, and Contemporaneous Coartistic Director Dylan Mattingly ’14
11-13-2012 Bard Professor and Famed Soprano Dawn Upshaw Surmounts Challenges in Music and Life
11-12-2012 "Legendary, irreverent" John Kelly Performs in John Cage Centennial Tribute
11-11-2012 Not Everyone's a Critic: An Interview with Professor Daniel Mendelsohn
11-09-2012 "Ageless, timeless, and pioneering" Meredith Monk Visits Bard with Quartet
11-09-2012 Bard Author Edie Meidav Writes on Cuba for Zyzzyva
11-09-2012 Presidential Mandates Are a Matter of Perception, Writes BHSEC Faculty ‏Steven Mazie
11-08-2012 A Democratic Hurricane, by Professor Ian Buruma
11-08-2012 Bard Graduate Center Circus and the City Exhibit Featured on PBS Channel Thirteen
11-07-2012 New Book by Lisa Kereszi '95 Is Homage to Family Junkyard
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