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May 2013

05-31-2013 Arendt Center Director Roger Berkowitz Discusses New Hannah Arendt Biopic on NPR's On Point
05-31-2013 An Interview with Bard Prison Initiative Founder and Director Max Kenner '01
05-31-2013 The Cemetery Dream, by Bard's Daniel Mendelsohn
05-31-2013 An Interview with Natalie Merchant: Concert at Fisher Center Will Benefit Local Domestic Violence Shelters
05-31-2013 Music Preview: Aston Magna Brings “The Art of the Chalumeau” to Bard College
05-31-2013 Bard Alumnus George Hirose ’79 Captures the Green in Photo Series of NYC Community Gardens
05-30-2013 Lonely Thinking: Roger Berkowitz Looks at Hannah Arendt on Film
05-28-2013 At the Fisher Center: The Rite That Won't Remain Silent
05-25-2013 Gabrielle Giffords Urges Graduates at Bard to ‘Be Courageous’
05-24-2013 Bard Coorganizes Early College Briefing in D.C., Legislation Planned
05-23-2013 Susan Aberth Examines Matta's "Prisoner of Light," Which Leads Christie's Sale
05-23-2013 Bard Graduate Center Exhibition Celebrates One of J.P. Morgan’s Most Expansive Donations
05-21-2013 CCS Bard Alumna Gabi Ngcobo Becomes First Curatorial Fellow of POOL
05-21-2013 Bard Alumnus Ronan Farrow '04 on the Real Benghazi Scandal
05-21-2013 CCS Bard Art Exhibit Showcases Local, Global Talent
05-17-2013 Musician and Bard MFA Candidate Zach Layton Incorporates Insects into Performance
05-17-2013 At Peace With Many Tribes: Bard Artist in Residence Jeffrey Gibson
05-17-2013 Photographer Tapu Javeri '89 Talks Pakistani Style and His New Book
05-16-2013 The Invention of David Bowie: Professor Ian Buruma on the Musician as Cultural Icon
05-16-2013 Karen Saxe '82 Named AMS Congressional Fellow and Elected to New Position at MAA
05-16-2013 President Botstein Will Be Honored with Jewish Cultural Achievement Award
05-15-2013 Unburied: Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Lessons of Greek Tragedy, by Daniel Mendelsohn
05-14-2013 Bard's Richard Aldous Reviews Authorized Biography of Margaret Thatcher
05-14-2013 President Leon Botstein: Rite of Spring a Quantum Leap Forward
05-13-2013 Ian Buruma Explores a Dangerous Rift Between China and Japan
05-13-2013 Professor Susan Fox Rogers and Bard Students Clean Up Local Waterways
05-10-2013 Bard MBA Faculty Member Hunter Lovins Joins Sustainability Hall of Fame
05-10-2013 Rediscovering Georges Hoentschel at the Bard Graduate Center
05-09-2013 Bard Speakers Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly Make USA Today List of High-Profile Commencement Speakers
05-09-2013 What the Cold War Tells Us About America’s Kids: BGC Professor Amy Ogata on Her New Book
05-09-2013 Balloon Beasts, Rubber Tongues, Metal Men Abound on Tom Eccles’s VIP Sculpture Park Tour
05-07-2013 Deep Thinkers at Bard Early College in New Orleans
05-07-2013 The Irish Invasion: Gerard Byrne and Sarah Pierce in Monogamy at CCS Bard
05-06-2013 Visiting Artist Jack Ferver Discusses New Work, Live Arts Bard Residency
05-06-2013 Bard Clemente Course Founder's Book Reveals Path to Education for the Poor
05-04-2013 New York City Playground Renamed in Memory of Adam Yauch '86, Late Member of Beastie Boys
05-04-2013 A Dark Time in Hungary, Remembered: President Botstein and the ASO at Carnegie Hall
05-02-2013 Undiscovered Country: Leon Botstein on Celebrating Jewish Composers in Hungary Torn Concert
05-02-2013 Bard College at Simon's Rock Professor Eric Kramer on Osmosis Confusion: 60 Years and Counting
05-01-2013 Bard MFA Faculty Miya Masaoka Wins Doris Duke Artist Award
05-01-2013 Bard Conservatory Alumna, Soprano Julia Bullock M.M. '11 Impresses in "The Cunning Little Vixen"
05-01-2013 Dawn Upshaw to Receive Honorary Doctorate from Juilliard School
05-01-2013 Bard High School Early Colleges Mean Success for Low-Income Students
listings 1-43 of 43