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July 2013

07-30-2013 Scholars from Bard's Levy Economics Institute Recommend Marshall Plan for Greece
07-30-2013 Russian in Nature, Greek at Its Roots: Wall Street Journal Reviews Bard's Oresteia
07-30-2013 Bard College–Based Ensemble Contemporaneous Performs on Soundcheck
07-29-2013 Professor Verlyn Klinkenborg's Rural Life Adds Natural Color to the Grey Lady
07-26-2013 Bard's Felicia Keesing Speaks at AAAS Conference on Transforming STEM Education
07-26-2013 Bard College at Simon's Rock Professor David La Spina Captures the Beauty of Baseball
07-26-2013 Spotlight on Composer, Bard Alumnus Scott Gendel '99
07-25-2013 Escape from New York ... to the CCS Bard Galleries and Hessel Museum
07-25-2013 Risky Russians: Stravinsky and Company at Bard SummerScape
07-24-2013 Bard MAT Professor Karen Hammerness Asks: What Keeps Good Teachers Teaching?
07-24-2013 Susana Meyer and Thaddeus Strassberger Discuss Bard's Oresteia on WAMC
07-24-2013 Opus 40 Renovation Crew Repairs Sculptural Masterwork by Professor Harvey Fite '30
07-21-2013 The Era of Corporate Silence on Climate Policy Is Ending, Writes Bard's Andrew Winston
07-21-2013 President Botstein Calls for Better Standardized Tests
07-21-2013 Pension Blues: BHSEC Faculty Steven Mazie on Detroit's Bankruptcy
07-20-2013 Producer Susana Meyer Promises Thrilling Oresteia Revival at Bard SummerScape
07-19-2013 Bard's Eban Goodstein and Fellow Economists Call for New, Sustainable Economy
07-19-2013 Digital Filmmaker Alex Kalman '07 Set to Debut New Video Editing App
07-19-2013 An Opera Known for Obscurity, Plucked from the Shadows: New York Times on Bard's Oresteia
07-19-2013 A Brave Composer and an Obscure Opera
07-18-2013 Alumna, Actor Gaby Hoffmann '04 Was the Eloise of the Chelsea Hotel
07-18-2013 Bard Prison Initiative Among University Programs Giving Incarcerated Students a Fresh Start
07-18-2013 Bard Junior Karimah Janelle Shabazz Travels to Ghana on Episcopal Relief Scholarship
07-18-2013 Alumni/ae Start Literary Journal in Memory of Classmate Who Passed Away
07-18-2013 Bust a Move: BHSEC Professor Steven Mazie Rethinks the Filibuster
07-17-2013 Bard College at Simon's Rock Graduate from Ghana Addresses Global Inequality
07-17-2013 Even Good Coups Are Bad: Bard's Omar Encarnación on Lessons for Egypt
07-17-2013 Flee the Urban Inferno for Great Music: SummerScape Among Top Festivals
07-17-2013 What's So Bad about Bagged Lettuce? Bard Professor Gidon Eshel Weighs In
07-17-2013 Professor Larry Fink, the Counter-Culture Artist Turned Celebrity Photographer
07-17-2013 Bard Conservatory Teaches the Business of Music
07-16-2013 Professor Michael Specter Questions Hiring of Vaccine Opponent Jenny McCarthy to The View
07-10-2013 Bard MBA Candidates Examine How Obama and Renewables Benefit from the Natural Gas Boom
07-09-2013 Bard's New Partnership in China Is a First
07-09-2013 Bard Conservatory Faculty So Percussion Blends Analog and Digital in New Album
07-09-2013 Bard College at Simon's Rock Grad, Exchange Student Mohammed Adawulai Speaks for Peace
07-08-2013 Arendt Center Director Roger Berkowitz on Misreading Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem
07-08-2013 Bard MAT Faculty Michael Sadowski on DOMA and the Gap Between the Haves and the Have-Nots
07-06-2013 Bard Presents "Magnificent New Version of The Rite of Spring"
magnificent new version of The Rite of Spring
07-05-2013 Interview: Professor Ellen Condliffe Lagemann on the Bard Prison Initiative
07-05-2013 Bloomberg Businessweek Recommends Bard SummerScape for NYC Weekend
07-03-2013 Not Just Crude Stone: Late Bard Professor and Alumnus Harvey Fite's Sculptural Masterpiece, Opus 40
07-03-2013 WHDD Interviews Arendt Center Director Roger Berkowitz
07-02-2013 Anne Bogart ’74 and Janet Wong Talk About SummerScape's A Rite on WAMC
07-02-2013 Intellectual With a Baton: President Botstein Interviewed in Vienna (PDF)
07-01-2013 High Art and Dog Days: Chronogram Previews Bard SummerScape
07-01-2013 A Leader of Style and Substance: Richard Aldous on Anniversary of JFK Ireland Visit
07-01-2013 Bard Professor Walter Russell Mead Talks with Fox News about U.S. Foreign Policy Challenges
07-01-2013 Longy School of Bard College Professor Receives American Composers Orchestra Commission
07-01-2013 Alumna Julia Bullock VAP '11 Delivers "Remarkable Showstopper" in West Side Story
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