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November 2013

11-27-2013 Bard Grads Cook Up Solar-Popped Popcorn
11-26-2013 Bard Professor Walter Russell Mead Discusses the Interim Nuclear Deal in Iran
11-21-2013 Bard Alumnus Jake Magee '10 Does Cinematography for New Film Naz + Maalik
11-21-2013 An Interview with Bard MFA Music/Sound Faculty Matana Roberts
11-18-2013 New York Times Remembers Bard Professor William Weaver, Influential Translator
11-18-2013 Russia and Europe Vie to Win the Prize of Ukraine, Writes Bard Faculty Walter Russell Mead
11-18-2013 BHSEC Faculty Daniel Freund on Surviving the Dark Days of Winter
11-18-2013 “Eye-Voices, a Choir”: Bard's Susan Gillespie Translates Poet Paul Celan in New Collection
11-13-2013 Bard Professors Prose and Mendelsohn Discuss Pseudonyms and Criticism in the New York Times Book Review
11-12-2013 Hazel Gurland-Pooler '99 Coproduces Episodes of The African Americans on PBS
11-12-2013 American Reader Reviews Ann Lauterbach's New Collection of Poetry, Under the Sign
11-11-2013 New York Review of Books Turns 50, Featuring Bard Faculty Buruma, Danner, and Mendelsohn
11-11-2013 Bard's An-My Lê Discusses Photographing the U.S. Coast Guard for Her First Commission
11-07-2013 Bard College at Simon's Rock Alum Raj Mukherji '00 Wins NJ State Assembly Elections
11-07-2013 Talisman: Bard's Francine Prose on Ganesh, the Writer's Deity
11-07-2013 How to Be a Polymath, by Bard High School Early College Faculty Steven Mazie
11-07-2013 The Threat to the Humanities, by Bard Professor and Arendt Center Director Roger Berkowitz
11-06-2013 Bard's Bruce Chilton on American Visions of the Apocalypse
11-06-2013 Bard Professor and Esteemed Poet Ann Lauterbach Gives Reading at Kelly Writers House
11-05-2013 Bard Conservatory Faculty Jeremy Denk Named Instrumentalist of the Year by Musical America
11-05-2013 Professor Michael Specter Asks: Can a Tech Firm Help Farmers Survive Global Warming?
listings 1-21 of 21