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June 2014

06-28-2014 Video: President Botstein Discusses Bard's Global Reach
06-28-2014 Trisha Brown Dance Company's Farewell Tour at Bard Is a New York Times Critic's Pick
06-27-2014 Writer in Residence Teju Cole in Defense of Football's "Flaws"
06-27-2014 Professor Joseph Luzzi: Speaking to My Father in a Dead Dialect
06-27-2014 One Tick Bite Can Deliver Multiple Infections, Says Bard Biologist Felicia Keesing
06-27-2014 An Interview with Award-Winning Soprano and Bard Faculty Member Dawn Upshaw
06-27-2014 Great Ethnographic Filmmaker Robert Gardner Dies, Honored at Bard in 2009
06-27-2014 A Profile of Incoming Bard First-Year, Young Astronomer Daniel Godinez
06-27-2014 New Grad Lia Soorenian Reports from Her Davis Project for Peace in Armenia
06-26-2014 President Botstein Discusses New Research on the Sexual Selection of Musical Ability
06-26-2014 Hands Off My Phone: BHSEC's Steven Mazie on Riley v. California
06-25-2014 Bard Faculty Group So Percussion and Ensemble Contemporaneous Praised for Bang on a Can Performances
06-24-2014 Dan Alpert Offers Closing Remarks at the Hyman P. Minsky Summer Seminar
06-23-2014 Bard MFA Is One of the 10 Most Influential MFA Programs in the World, Says Artspace
06-23-2014 Dariel Vasquez '17 on How the Right Support in High School Helped Him Get to Bard
06-23-2014 Naomi LaChance '16 Asks: Does the Drone Memo Justify Killing a U.S. Citizen?
06-23-2014 The Value of Laughing at Dr. Oz, by BHSEC's Steven Mazie
06-22-2014 Bard Prison Initiative Alumnus Donnell Hughes Defends the Liberal Arts on NPR
06-22-2014 Surrounded by Photographs, Collector Michelle Dunn Marsh '95 Finds Beauty in Truth
06-20-2014 Book Review: Levy Economics Institute's Ending Poverty: Jobs, Not Welfare
06-20-2014 New Yorker Features Trisha Brown Dance Company at Bard SummerScape
06-20-2014 "Inspired" Bard Music Festival Among Top 10 U.S. Classical Festivals This Summer
06-20-2014 Jay Nelson MFA '08 Builds Tree Houses That Are Works of Art
06-19-2014 Dysfunctional Families, Ancient Rome Edition: James Romm's New Book on Seneca and Nero
06-17-2014 Philosophy Professor Alan Sussman: Why Human Rights Are Called Human Rights
06-17-2014 Drones and the Question of “The Human," by Arendt Center Director Roger Berkowitz
06-16-2014 Bard College Digital Humanities: Redefining Liberal Arts Majors
06-16-2014 The Spiegeltent Opens on July 3 with "Outrageous Summer Lineup"
06-16-2014 Trisha Brown Dance Company Opens Bard SummerScape 2014
06-16-2014 Bard College Graduate George Harrar Joins Tivoli Mayor's Advisory Cabinet
06-15-2014 Czech Winter: Bard Writer in Residence Francine Prose Reviews Burning Bush
06-14-2014 Bard's Dimitri B. Papadimitriou Warns of the Coming Financial Crisis in America
06-13-2014 Richard Aldous Interviews Francis Fukuyama on the Anniversary of "The End of History?"
06-13-2014 Bard MBA Faculty Hunter Lovins Calls for New, Sustainable Economics
06-10-2014 Professor Daniel Mendelsohn Explores the Genius of Travel Writer Patrick Leigh Fermor
06-10-2014 Photographer, Bard Alum Arthur Tress's Summer of Luck in San Francisco
06-09-2014 Writer in Residence Mona Simpson Talks about the Economics of Being a Writer
06-08-2014 Professor Omar Encarnación on the Abdication of King Juan Carlos of Spain
06-06-2014 Bard Alumni Follow Up Successful Moby Dick Board Game with New Take on Beowulf
06-06-2014 Playwright in Residence Chiori Miyagawa's This Lingering Life Takes Inspiration from Noh
06-06-2014 Watch: Photography Professor Stephen Shore Discusses From Galilee to the Negev
06-04-2014 Love and Chemistry: Professor Mazie Discusses Bond v. U.S. at the Supreme Court
06-03-2014 A Lifetime of Achievement: An Interview with Pioneering Sculptor, Professor Judy Pfaff
06-02-2014 Preview: Trisha Brown Dance Company Launches Bard SummerScape
06-02-2014 AmeriCorps Volunteers "Adopt" Bard Theater Students for Two Weeks
06-02-2014 Bard's Susan Fox Rogers Has a Glorious Day on the Hudson
06-02-2014 New Greenhouse Gas Rules Will Cost Taxpayers Very Little, Writes Eban Goodstein
06-01-2014 Prison Programs Turn Inmates Into Intellectuals
06-01-2014 Whose Writing Career Does Bard Classicist Daniel Mendelsohn Most Envy?
listings 1-49 of 49