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July 2015

07-27-2015 Ethel Smyth’s The Wreckers Thrillingly Staged at Bard College
07-27-2015 Bard Professor Ian Buruma Reviews Susan Southard’s Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War
07-27-2015 Bard's Ephraim Asili Joins Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto as Visiting Artist
07-26-2015 Bard Writer in Residence Teju Cole Explores the Evolution of the Aerial View
07-25-2015 David Duckler '09 Discusses the Inspiration for His Import Business, Verdant Tea
07-24-2015 Professor of Art History Tom Wolf Organizes "Superb" Smithsonian Retrospective about Modernist Painter Yasuo Kuniyoshi
07-23-2015 One Feisty Victorian Woman's Opera Revived: Bard SummerScape's The Wreckers on NPR's All Things Considered
07-21-2015 Rep. Chris Gibson Announces Early College Legislation at Bard College
07-21-2015 Dialogues on American Foreign Policy and World Affairs: Professor Walter Russell Mead in Conversation with Senator John McCain
07-17-2015 Bard Revives Ethel Smyth's Forgotten Opera, The Wreckers
07-17-2015 Scholars in Bard's Levy Economics Institute Predicted the Greek Crisis Years Before Everyone Else
07-16-2015 The Iran Deal Is the Best of Bad Options, Says Bard Professor Jonathan Cristol '00
07-15-2015 BHSEC Cleveland Principal Dumaine Williams ’03 Calls on Congress to Extend Financial Aid to Early College Programs
07-15-2015 Cleveland Foundation Announces $170,000 Grant to Bard High School Early College
07-15-2015 ICP-Bard Graduate and Artist Nona Faustine ’13 Shines a Light on New York City’s Buried Legacy of Slavery
07-15-2015 Bard College and Simon’s Rock Professor Peter Filkins Speaks about His Translation of H.G. Adler’s The Wall
07-14-2015 Daniel Fish’s Reimagining of Oklahoma! Is an "Edgy, Immersive and Sexy" Musical
07-14-2015 WAMC Roundtable Features Gideon Lester, Susana Meyer, and Neal Cooper on The Wreckers
07-14-2015 Director of International Academic Initiatives James Ketterer Analyzes the Iran Nuclear Deal
07-11-2015 Third Annual El Sistema Summer Academy Brings 80 Students to the Longy School of Music of Bard College
07-10-2015 Professor Ian Buruma: Good People, Bad Judgments
07-09-2015 Want to Keep Ex-cons from Returning to Prison? Give Them a Liberal Arts Education.
07-07-2015 Bard College President Leon Botstein Gives a Preview of SummerScape 2015
07-06-2015 All Kids Matter: Bard Junior Troy Simon an Example of Why We Need the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
07-06-2015 The Mornin' Ain't So Beautiful for Bard's Dark Oklahoma! Production
07-06-2015 Review: Bard Literature Professor Verlyn Klinkenborg’s More Scenes from the Rural Life
Charles S. Johnson III '70 Acknowledged for Contribution to the Civil Rights Movement
07-05-2015 Bard MFA Professor Zoe Leonard’s Analogue Depicts the Human Toll of Globalization
07-04-2015 Bard's Oklahoma! Preserves a Classic While Adding Punch
07-04-2015 Welcome to the Next Generation of Aviation: Bard's Drone Center Creates Database of Companies Allowed to Fly Drones over the U.S.
07-03-2015 Physics Professor Hal Haggard Describes the Life Cycle of Black Holes
07-03-2015 Bard Photography Professor Larry Fink Captures Worlds Many Never See
07-03-2015 Bard Human Rights Radio Episode 14: Ambassador Theodore Kattouf, and In Theory's Women and the Internet
07-02-2015 Bard Faculty Lauren Cornell and Ed Halter Coedit New Anthology Series Mass Effect
07-02-2015 Professor of Economics Pavlina Tcherneva Discusses Greek Default

June 2015

06-30-2015 Betsaida Alcantara '05 Hired as Director of Media Planning for Hillary Clinton
06-30-2015 Professor Walter Russell Mead on President Obama's Foreign Policy
06-30-2015 Review: Pam Tanowitz Dance at Bard SummerScape
06-30-2015 Bard Historian Cynthia M. Koch: What About a Jobs Program?
06-29-2015 Bard College and Longy School of Music Hold MAT Commencement in Los Angeles
06-28-2015 Bard Writer in Residence Teju Cole on Malian Photographer Seydou Keïta
06-28-2015 Bard's Omar Encarnación on Gay Marriage and the Supreme Court
06-27-2015 ICP–Bard Alum Kate Levy Makes Mini-Documentary about Water in Flint, Michigan
06-26-2015 Central European University Hosts Panel on Democracy with President Botstein
06-25-2015 Oklahoma! in the Round, Pam Tanowitz Dance Launch Bard SummerScape
06-25-2015 Juliet Morrison ’03 Fights Infectious Diseases with New and Traditional Tools of Science
06-25-2015 Bard Economist Pavlina R. Tcherneva on the Greek Debt Crisis
06-23-2015 Pianist Jorge Federico Osorio Talks about the Bard Music Festival and Carlos Chávez's Piano Concerto
06-23-2015 Writer in Residence Teju Cole to Publish First Essay Collection
06-23-2015 The Robots Are Winning! Professor Daniel Mendelsohn Analyzes Recent Sci-Fi Cinema
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