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March 2017

03-20-2017 Why This Persian New Year Is Different, by Porochista Khakpour
03-19-2017 Greece Needs a New Growth Model, Says Economy Minister Dimitri Papadimitriou
03-18-2017 Why Arendt Matters: Roger Berkowitz Revisits The Origins of Totalitarianism
03-16-2017 How Incoming BHSEC Queens Student Abraham Weitzman Navigated the New York City High School Admissions Maze in a Wheelchair
03-15-2017 Ian Buruma on How the Dutch Stopped Being Decent and Dull
03-15-2017 President Botstein Urges Interdisciplinary, Hands-on Approach to the Humanities at Symposium
03-15-2017 Curbed Names Bard's Fisher Center Among Most Spectacular Theaters in the U.S.
03-14-2017 BHSEC Queens Students Among 2017 Winners for Design a Brain Experiment Competition
03-14-2017 Two Entertainers with Two Loves: Dan Tepfer and Camille Bertault at the Fisher Center
03-14-2017 Bard High School Early College Among 10 NYC Schools That Are More Selective Than Yale
03-13-2017 Beyond Lyme Disease: Bard Professor Felicia Keesing on Rise of New Tick-Borne Illnesses in the U.S.
03-13-2017 Bard Graduate Center Gallery Rated One of the Best Design Museums in New York City
03-10-2017 Bard Joins Steering Committee of New College in High School Alliance
03-09-2017 Wyatt Mason on French Author Emmanuel Carrère in the New York Times
03-08-2017 Professor Joseph Luzzi Discusses A Cinema of Poetry at Harvard
03-06-2017 Professor Felicia Keesing Predicts Risky Year for Lyme Disease in the Northeast
03-06-2017 The Jacksonian Revolt: Walter Russell Mead Writes on American Populism and the Liberal Order
03-05-2017 Three Iconic Musicians on Artistic Creation—and Its Importance Now, by Bard's Wyatt Mason
03-04-2017 Stephen Mucher Explains Why We Should Sing the Obscure Fifth Verse of "The Star-Spangled Banner"
03-03-2017 Professor Mark Danner on What Trump Could Do
03-02-2017 Interview: Daniel Karpowitz on College in Prison
03-01-2017 Kelly Reichardt on Sexism in Film and Working with Michelle Williams

February 2017

02-28-2017 Overcoming Tough Odds: Bard Microcollege Holyoke Gives Young Women an Educational Boost
02-28-2017 Chopin Is the Focus of Bard’s Summer Music Festival
02-26-2017 Eating for the Environment: Professor Gidon Eshel on the Beef About Beef
02-25-2017 Caudillo-In-Chief? Omar Encarnación on Latin American Reflections in U.S. Politics
02-24-2017 Bard's Joseph Luzzi to Give Boston Public Library Lowell Lecture on March 2
02-23-2017 Professor Ellen Condliffe Lagemann on Why College-in-Prison Programs Work
02-20-2017 Bard Faculty, Alumni Discuss Bard Prison Initiative on Leonard Lopate Show
02-19-2017 Professor Thomas Keenan: Or Are We Human Beings?
02-16-2017 Trump and Gay Rights: The Future of the Global Movement, by Professor Omar G. Encarnación
02-15-2017 Professor Larry Fink's Stunning Photos of the Women's March on Washington in Vanity Fair
02-15-2017 Home Is Where the Resistance Is: BGIA's Rachel Meyer Meets with Fellow Activists
02-15-2017 Bard College Landscape and Arboretum Program Presents Spring Lectures and Continuing Education Classes with New York Botanical Garden
02-13-2017 Professor Joseph Luzzi Asks Why Great Critics Make Disastrous Judgments
02-13-2017 Bard Professor Bruce Robertson: Climate Change and Fishing Lay "Ecological Trap" for African Penguins
02-10-2017 President Botstein in the New York Times: American Universities Must Take a Stand
02-09-2017 Bard Faculty Member Mark Lytle Appears on American Experience to Discuss Rachel Carson
02-09-2017 Greece’s Economy Minister and Bard Faculty Member Dimitri B. Papadimitriou Confident of Reaching Deal with Creditors
02-07-2017 British Artist Tracey Emin Funds Scholarship for Refugee Student at Bard College Berlin
02-06-2017 Scholars Behind Bars: Bard College Faculty Highlight the Bard Prison Initiative
02-06-2017 Mothers and Daughters Divided by Refugee Ban Encounter the Guilt of Good Fortune
02-05-2017 Bard Professor Myra Young Armstead on African American History in the Hudson Valley
02-04-2017 Laida Lertxundi '03 Reflects on Filmmaking, Bard Mentors
02-02-2017 Larry Fink's Take on the Dignity of Photography
02-02-2017 Bard Fisher Center and Catskill Jazz Factory Present French Jazz Series and Gala Performance Celebrating 100 Years of Jazz
02-01-2017 James Bagwell: Super Conductor

January 2017

01-31-2017 Porochista Khakpour Asks: How Can I Be a Refugee Twice?
01-30-2017 Francine Prose: Forget Protest. Trump's Actions Warrant a General National Strike
01-27-2017 Professor of Human Rights Ian Buruma on Realignment of U.S. and Global Power under Trump Administration
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