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October 2016

10-21-2016 Bard Conservatory Faculty, Members of Sō Percussion, Win a Bessie Award
10-19-2016 The Photography of Bard's Aaron Turner Featured in Lenscratch
10-16-2016 The Quiet Menace of Kelly Reichardt's Feminist Westerns
10-16-2016 Bard Professor An-My Lê Featured in The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook
10-15-2016 Writer in Residence Francine Prose: When Librarians Are Silenced
10-15-2016 Bardians Talk Watershed Preservation and Youth Engagement in Russia
10-14-2016 Bard First-Year Tristan Flores Performs at White House State Dinner
10-13-2016 Dylan's Time: Professor Luc Sante on Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize in Literature
10-13-2016 Destination Boise: Angie Smith '04 Photographs Refugees Making a New Life in Idaho
10-11-2016 Making Meaning: Bard Math Circle Brings Creativity, Joy to Middle School Mathematics
10-10-2016 Professor Omar G. Encarnación on Colombia's Failed Peace Accord
10-07-2016 Language and Thinking Faculty Member Brian Conn Included in Year's Best Weird Fiction
10-06-2016 Gaby Hoffmann '04 Never Set Out to Be an Actor
10-01-2016 In the Spotlight: Bard Professor, Economist Pavlina Tcherneva

September 2016

09-29-2016 Professor Stephen Shore's Never Before Seen Photos of Andy Warhol’s Factory
09-29-2016 His American Life: David Sedaris to Perform at Bard, October 7
09-28-2016 Michael Woodsworth's Battle for Bed-Stuy: The Long War on Poverty in New York City
09-26-2016 Oliver Kalb '13: On Fist & Palm, Bellows Makes the Most of Its Opposing Halves
09-25-2016 Cathedral of Sound: The Orchestra Now Opens Season at the Fisher Center
09-21-2016 Composer Daniel Fishkin '09 Draws Inspiration from the Ringing in His Ears
09-20-2016 CCS Bard Director Tom Eccles Among the Most Powerful People in the Art World
09-15-2016 Francine Prose on the Music of Blighted Dreams
09-15-2016 Bard's Jeff Jurgens Takes a Tour of Berlin, Guided by Refugees
09-13-2016 Bard Prison Initiative Founder Fights for a Cause
Actress Lola Kirke '12 Talks Feminism, Art, and Identity
Professor Ian Buruma on the Battle of the Burkini
09-09-2016 Interview: Filmmaker, Bard Artist in Residence Kelly Reichardt from the Toronto Film Festival
09-07-2016 In Bard Graduate Center's Artek and the Aaltos, Caution—Sleek, Modernist Curves Ahead

August 2016

08-31-2016 International Center of Photography Presents 2016 Alumni Exhibition Featuring ICP-Bard MFA Graduates
08-28-2016 Bard Microcollege Holyoke Gives Low-Income Mothers a Path to Higher Education
08-27-2016 Bard Professor Norman Manea to Be Awarded 2016 FIL Literary Award in Romance Languages
08-25-2016 The Fisher Center at Bard College Releases Fall Arts Lineup
08-25-2016 Francine Prose on the Beauty of Belief
08-24-2016 Life Ruiner: Adam Conover '04 on New Season, Funny Bummers and Why You Need to Vote
08-24-2016 Bard Graduate Center Among the 50 Coolest Places in New York City Right Now
08-24-2016 La Guelaguetza Festival Draws Crowd to Poughkeepsie Riverfront, Writes La Voz Editor Mariel Fiori '05
08-24-2016 A Bard Collaboration: Professor Thomas Bartscherer Writes Libretto for Opera Composed by Dylan Mattingly '14
08-24-2016 Bard Alumna Sonja Tsypin '16 Awarded First Place 2016 KODAK Scholarship Recognizing Emerging Talent in Film
08-20-2016 A Battle Lost, A War to Be Won: Professor Sanjib Baruah on Irom Sharmila's 16-Year Hunger Strike
08-20-2016 Take a Stand Orchestra Impresses at Bard
08-19-2016 Religion Professor Tehseen Thaver Has Three More Questions about Shahab Ahmed's What Is Islam?
08-18-2016 Professor Romm's Upstart Greek Plays Takes on a University of Chicago Press Classic
08-18-2016 Photographer's Gehry Forms Highlights Fisher Center Architecture
08-12-2016 Bard President Leon Botstein: Why the Next U.S. President Should Forgive All Student Loans
08-12-2016 Bard's Jonathan Becker: Colleges Should Promote and Defend Student Voting
08-10-2016 Prison Education Up for Debate: Director Max Kenner '01 on Bard Prison Initiative's Reentry Program
08-10-2016 Opus 40: Bard Professor, Alumnus Harvey Fite's Swirling Six-Acre Monument of Stone
08-10-2016 Biology Professor Felicia Keesing's Tick Study Gets "Astonishing" Local Response
08-10-2016 Emma Ressel '16 Gives Fall's Chicest Accessories the Still-Life Treatment
08-10-2016 Bard Professor and Levy Economics Institute Researcher Pavlina R. Tcherneva Discusses Job Guarantee Proposal on Boom Bust
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