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July 2017

07-03-2017 What Can Hannah Arendt Teach Us About This Moment? Professor and Arendt Center Director Roger Berkowitz Weighs in on WNPR's Colin McEnroe Show
07-03-2017 Human Rights Professor Helen Epstein: Corruption in Ugandan Government Dishonors Country's Refugees

June 2017

06-29-2017 Let there Be Neon: A Profile of the Late Rudi Stern '59 and his Surviving Tribeca Neon Workshop
06-28-2017 Interview with Codirector of Bard's Drone Center and 2017 World Interpol Speaker Michael Holland '13
06-28-2017 Summerscape Preview: New York City Ballet Moves Cast Features Array of Principle Dancers
06-27-2017 BGIA professor Michael Moran Reviews Civil Wars: A History in Ideas
06-26-2017 TED Radio Hour: Bard Visiting Professor Michael Specter Asks What Happens When We Ignore Scientific Consensus
06-26-2017 In Other Words: Bard Philosophy and Aesthetics Professor Gary L. Hagberg as Editor of Philosophy and Literature Journal
06-23-2017 Bard Film Professor Richard Suchenski to Present Lecture at National Gallery of Art
06-23-2017 Bard Global and International Studies Major Harper Zacharias '19 Awarded Point Foundation Scholarship for LGBTQ Students
06-22-2017 First-Generation College Student and Bard Alumnus Bach Tong '17 on Postgraduate Plans
06-21-2017 Bard Foreign Affairs Professor Walter Russell Mead Proposes Fear is What Changed Saudi Arabia
06-19-2017 Bard Historical Studies Professor Sean McMeekin Asks Was Lenin a German Agent?
Aston Magna Music Festival Opens 45th Season with “Forbidden Dances” Friday, June 16 at Bard College
06-14-2017 Two Exhibitions to Open Saturday June 24 at Bard College Center for Curatorial Studies and Hessel Museum
06-14-2017 Visiting Professor Luc Sante's Low Life Listed Among Classic Big Apple Books to Revisit this Summer
06-14-2017 Acclaimed Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is First Nigerian to Receive Bard College Mary McCarthy Award
06-13-2017 Civic Engagement Fellow Jonathan Cristol on Why Kim Jong Un Agreed to Release Otto Warmbier
06-10-2017 The Bard Prison Initiative Featured at Printers Row Lit Fest
06-06-2017 Bard Human Rights and Journalism Professor Ian Buruma on Life After Pax Americana
06-06-2017 Review: Bard Historical Studies Professor Sean McMeekin's New History Recalibrates the Villains of the Russian Revolution
06-06-2017 Bard Biology Professor Felicia Keesing on the Outsized Role of Opossums in Controlling the Tick Population
06-06-2017 Civic Engagement Fellow Jonathan Cristol '00 on Qatar
06-06-2017 Bard Professor Daniel Mendelsohn on the Woman Who Made Me a Writer in "The Countess and the Schoolboy”
06-05-2017 Bard Commencement Speaker U.S. Representative John Lewis Included in New York Times Roundup of Messages to Graduates: Stand Up, Fight Back, Speak Out
06-02-2017 Bard Political Studies Professor Omar G. Encarnación Discusses "Brazil's Retro Macho Politics" on World Policy On Air
06-01-2017 Bard College: The Day Trip In-The-Know New Yorkers Are Taking
06-01-2017 Students Graduate with Associate Degrees from Baltimore's Bard High School Early College
06-01-2017 Environmental Science Professor Gidon Eshel: Replacing Beef with Beans Could Sharply Reduce Greenhouse Gases
06-01-2017 Bard Graduate Center Doctoral Candidate Christina De León joins Cooper Hewitt as Associate Curator of U.S. Latino Design

May 2017

05-29-2017 Bard Art History Professor Susan Aberth Curates at Los Angeles' New Marciano Museum
05-27-2017 Bard High School Early College Cleveland Students Host "Girls Leadership Conference" Focused on Career Exploration
05-23-2017 Bard Historical Studies Professor Richard Aldous Reviews Churchill and Orwell: The Fight for Freedom
05-19-2017 Interview: Bard Faculty James Ketterer Discusses Egypt and U.S. Relations in the Middle East on WFUV
05-17-2017 Sculpture Magazine Features Bard Artist in Residence Julianne Swartz on the Shape of Sound
05-09-2017 Civic Engagement Fellow Jonathan Cristol '00 on Hamas' Recent Rebranding
05-09-2017 Bard Professor Ian Buruma Asks: Is it the End of the Left/Right Divide?
05-03-2017 Bard Professor Walter Russell Mead Reviews Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's New Book
05-02-2017 Live Arts Bard Staged WE'RE WATCHING: A Performance Exhibition on Surveillance
05-02-2017 New York Times Discusses Meyerbeer and His Resurgent Popularity
05-02-2017 Bard Graduate Center Exhibition New York Crystal Palace 1853 Offers a Glimpse of What was America’s First World’s Fair
05-02-2017 Bard Professor Emeritus Justus Rosenberg Honored with French Legion of Honor Medal
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