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August 2014

08-18-2014 Seeds of Doubt: Professor Michael Specter on Vandana Shiva's Crusade Against G.M.O.s
08-17-2014 A Menagerie of Ideas, Unlocked in Odd Jobs, by Language and Thinking Faculty Miranda Mellis
08-15-2014 Novels by Faculty Joseph O’Neill and Bradford Morrow Among Most Anticipated Fall Books
08-13-2014 BGIA Faculty and Carnegie Council President Joel Rosenthal on World War I Centenary
08-13-2014 Bard College Clemente Course Returns to Worcester, Massachusetts
08-13-2014 Lisa Oppenheim MFA '02 Shortlisted for Canada's Largest Photography Prize
08-12-2014 Citizen Science Director Amy Savage Writes About How the Program Connects Science Literacy and Citizenship
08-11-2014 Shape Shifting and Body Politics: Amy Sillman at CCS Bard
08-11-2014 Professors Walter Russell Mead and Richard Aldous Discuss Turmoil in the Middle East
08-10-2014 Israeli Artist of the Imagination Orit Raff MFA '03
08-07-2014 Uncommon App: Bard Entrance Examination Rewrites the Rules of College Admission
08-07-2014 Bard College Ranked #1 in Classroom Experience by Princeton Review
08-07-2014 Bard Drone Center Codirector Arthur Holland Michel ’13 Calls for Smart Drone Regulation
08-06-2014 Beef's Outsize Environmental Impact: BBC Interviews Bard's Gidon Eshel on His Research
08-06-2014 Professor Ian Buruma Asks: Why Bomb Civilians?
08-06-2014 Bard MAT Campers Learn Math with a Little Help from Ken and Barbie
08-03-2014 BGIA Faculty Andrew Nagorski Looks at Anti-Semitism in Today's Europe
08-02-2014 Art Review: Anne Collier, a Photography Retrospective at CCS Bard
08-02-2014 President Botstein Reviews Two Books on the Influential Composer Charles Ives
08-01-2014 In Its 25th Year, Bard Music Festival Focuses on Franz Schubert
08-01-2014 Interview: Writer and Editor Andrew Durbin '12 on Surveillance Poetics
08-01-2014 Professor Bradford Morrow's The Forgers Among Most Anticipated Books of the Fall
08-01-2014 Bard's Michael Specter Asks: What's After Ebola?
08-01-2014 Conductor Marcelo Lehninger '07: Rambling About Tanglewood in Case of Emergency

July 2014

07-31-2014 The Shy Clumsy Lover: Francine Prose Reviews Andrea Canobbio's Novel Three Light-Years
07-31-2014 Professor Omar Encarnación Considers Why Democracy Matters for Gay Rights
07-30-2014 Flavor Matters: An Interview with Bard College Farm Coordinator John-Paul Sliva
07-30-2014 Mark Danner Reviews Memoirs of Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
07-30-2014 Ian Buruma on Joachim Fest's "Extraordinary" Not I: Memoirs of a German Childhood
07-29-2014 A Weber Work Comes Out of Obscurity: Wall Street Journal Reviews Bard's Euryanthe
07-29-2014 Bard Artist in Residence Bill T. Jones Receives National Medal of Arts
07-25-2014 Alumna Betsaida Alcantara '05 Receives Appointment from President Obama
07-25-2014 What's the Real Cost of Your Steak? Science Friday Interviews Professor Gidon Eshel
07-24-2014 The 25th Anniversary Bard Music Festival Shines Spotlight on Schubert
07-24-2014 Hail Augustus! Daniel Mendelsohn on John Williams’s Novel About Rome's First Emperor
07-24-2014 Bard's Drone Center Among Campus Innovators
07-22-2014 Beef Pollutes More Than Pork, Poultry, Says Bard Professor Gidon Eshel in New Study
07-22-2014 Daniel Mendelsohn Asks: When Writing Fiction About National Tragedy, How Soon Is Too Soon?
07-21-2014 Photography Faculty Tim Davis Explores the Allure of Gazing at Strangers in Exhibition
07-21-2014 Kevin Newbury Returns to Bard to Direct "Weber's Greatest Masterpiece," Euryanthe
07-21-2014 Leave No Trace: Bard's Tom O'Dowd on How to Hike with a Minimal Footprint
07-21-2014 Course Access Opens New Horizons for Students at Bard Early College New Orleans
07-18-2014 Spirit of Inquiry: President Botstein Discusses Bard Music Festival's 25th Season
07-17-2014 Stephen Mucher Calls on Liberal Arts Faculty to Get Involved in Teacher Education
07-17-2014 Art to See on Your Summer Holidays: Amy Sillman and Anne Collier at CCS Bard
07-15-2014 Bard's Teju Cole Offers Global View of World Cup in The Time of the Game
07-15-2014 Writer in Residence Francine Prose Asks, "What Are the Last Literary Taboos?"
07-15-2014 Model, Photographer Louise Parker '12 Captures Behind-the-Scenes View of Fashion
07-14-2014 President Botstein and American Symphony Orchestra Exhilarate in 20th Season
07-14-2014 NEH Seminar at Bard: The Thinking Teacher's Solution to Summer
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