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June 2015

06-05-2015 Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area Awards Grant to Bard Arboretum Program
06-05-2015 High School Seniors from Bard Early College New Orleans Consider the New Emphasis on College for Everybody 
06-04-2015 Bard College’s Stevenson Library Presents an Exhibit Drawn from the Sussman Rare Book Collection in Honor of the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta 
06-01-2015 Levy Institute Research Associate and Policy Fellow C. J. Polychroniou Considers the Causes of Greece’s Economic and Social Catastrophe 

May 2015

05-29-2015 Professor of Foreign Affairs Walter Russell Mead Weighs in on U.S. Strategy Against the Islamic State
05-29-2015 Bard Professor Mark Danner Discusses the Film State of Siege by Costa-Gavras and the Complex Politics Intertwined with State Sanctioned Torture 
05-28-2015 Bard High School Early College Program Cited as Example of Expanding Education Opportunities within New Bipartisan Legislation
05-28-2015 Bard Professor Sean McMeekin’s Lecture on how the United States Became Involved in World War I to Air on C-SPAN3’s American History TV
05-27-2015 Bard Professor Omar Encarnación Reasons that Ireland’s Historic Referendum on Gay Marriage is not a Step Forward for Gay Rights 
05-27-2015 Bard Professor and Artist Huma Bhabha Discusses her New Exhibition at Salon 94's Downtown Galleries 
05-27-2015 Bard Professor Ian Buruma on the Corruption of FIFA
05-26-2015 Public Health and Human Rights Bard Professor Helen Epstein Considers the Struggles and Potential of African National Democracies 
05-25-2015 Bard Sustainability MBA Interview with Jeffery Amoscato, Vice President of Supply Chain and Menu Innovation at Shake Shack 
05-24-2015 Bard Professor Teju Cole Reflects on the Nature of Public Images of Death 
05-24-2015 Bard Professor Ian Buruma Discusses the Reputation and Legacy of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s Founder and Long-serving Former Prime Minister
05-19-2015 Bard Faculty Member Maika Pollack Interviews Hungarian-Born Artist Agnes Denes
05-18-2015 Neil Gaiman, Bard Writing Professor, Reflects on His Craft and Life as a Writer 
05-15-2015 Arthur Holland Michel '13, Codirector of Bard's Center for the Study of the Drone, Reviews New Book on America’s Secret Drone Wars 
05-14-2015 Bard Political Studies Professor Sanjib Baruah Considers the Regional Conflict Complex Involving Myanmar and India 
05-13-2015 Bard Professor and Filmmaker Kelly Reichardt Talks at the Film Society of Lincoln Center About her Latest Film, her Process, and Scouting 
05-13-2015 Bard Professor Walter Russell Mead Discusses Assumptions Regarding the Intentions of the Islamic State Toward Christians
05-13-2015 Bard Center for Curatorial Studies Director Tom Eccles on Transforming an Art Fair Into an Arena for Discourse
05-11-2015 The Galvan Foundation to Partner with Bard College in Developing an Early College High School Program in the Hudson Valley
05-08-2015 Bard Center for Curatorial Studies Copublishes Book on the Ramifications of Realist and Materialist Philosophies in the Arts 
05-06-2015 Bard Professor Omar Encarnacion Identifies Key Texts on Marriage Equality
05-06-2015 Bard Graduate Center Director Susan Weber Talks About the Nine Best Works at the Collective Design Fair 
05-06-2015 A Palestinian Student Transformed by a Liberal Education at Al-Quds Bard College 
05-06-2015 Music Student Awarded Five-Year Scholarship to the Bard College Conservatory 
05-06-2015 Bard Professor Ian Buruma on How the World Changed at the End of 1945 
05-05-2015 Abigail Balbale to Join the Bard Graduate Center in July as its First Assistant Professor of Islamic art and Material Culture 
05-05-2015 Bard Music Festival's Artistic Director Leon Botstein Talks About Showcasing Carlos Chavez 
05-05-2015 The Bard Conservatory Orchestra Provides Unusual Program of Important Critical Landmarks in its Last Concert of the Season 
05-01-2015 Bard Professor Ben Coonley’s Movie, 3-D Trick Pony, will Screen on May 16 in BAM's 3-D Movie Series 
05-01-2015 Bard College Students Transform the Coachman's House Gallery into Experimental Work Space for the Summer 

April 2015

04-30-2015 Bard Professor Steven Mazie as Correspondent for The Economist Reports on Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Deliberations 
04-29-2015 Bard President Leon Botstein Champions New Senate Bill to Increase College Access for Low-Income Students 
04-29-2015 Bard’s Center for Civic Engagement Partners with the Red Hook Public Library to Host Science Camps in July  
04-29-2015 Bard Professor Gidon Eshel Makes the Case for the High Level of Environmental Pollution Caused by Beef Production 
04-28-2015 Bard Director of International Academic Initiatives, James Ketterer, Responds to President Obama’s Address Regarding Pakistan Drone Strike
04-28-2015 Bard Alumna Holly Bynoe Appointed Chief Curator at the Bahamas National Art Gallery
04-28-2015 Erica Kaufman Associate Director of the Institute for Writing & Thinking at Bard College will Read at the Commune May 2 
04-28-2015 Bard Professor Laura Kunreuther Helps to Coordinate Relief Efforts for People Affected by Nepal Earthquake
04-27-2015 Leon Botstein, President of Bard College, will Speak About the Arts, Justice and Innovation in Buffalo on May 8 
04-27-2015 Bard Professor Ilan Greenberg, a Cofounder of Coda, Talks About Developing the Project 
04-27-2015 Bard Writer in Residence Teju Cole on Photographer Lee Friedlander Roaming the Visual Environment of New York City 
04-24-2015 Bard Professor L. Hunter Lovins is Honored as a Community Leader with Planet Defender Award by Rock the Earth 
04-24-2015 Fashioning the Body: An Intimate History of the Silhouette, currently on display at Bard Graduate Center in New York City 
04-24-2015 Bard President Leon Botstein to Receive the Deborah W. Meier Heroes in Education Award from Fair Test
04-24-2015 Bard Professor Tom Wolf Co-Curates Yasuo Kuniyoshi Exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum 
04-24-2015 Bard Professor Peter Filkins will be Part of PEN World Voices Festival May 7
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