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October 2013

10-14-2013 Football, Physics, and Mermaids: An Interview with Filmmaker Andrew Gilchrist '05
10-14-2013 Monarchs Fight for Their Lives, by Professor Verlyn Klinkenborg
10-11-2013 Bard Professor, Economist Pavlina Tcherneva Discusses Government Shutdown and the Future of Janet Yellen's Fed
10-10-2013 Duane Linklater MFA '13 Wins Prestigious $50,000 Sobey Art Award
10-10-2013 LGBT Advocate Gabriel Blau '02 on Faith and Family
10-09-2013 College in Prison Deserves Another Look, Writes BPI Director Max Kenner '01
10-09-2013 Critic, Classicist, and Professor Daniel Mendelsohn on Translation Dos and Don’ts
10-08-2013 Snowden and the Pope: Professor Ian Buruma Looks for Morality in an Age of Individualism
10-08-2013 Bard Alum Meher Varma '07 Pens "10 Things I Miss About College"
10-07-2013 An Essay Instead of a Test: Bard Entrance Examination Offers New Take on Admissions
10-04-2013 “Waiting for the Barbarians” and the Government Shutdown, by Bard's Daniel Mendelsohn
10-04-2013 Writer in Residence Francine Prose on Losing Sight of Magritte
10-03-2013 Want to Get Into College? How Well Do You Think?
10-02-2013 The Bard College Farm Is Home to the Only Cranberry Bog in the Hudson Valley
10-01-2013 Didn’t Ace SAT? Just Design Microbe Transplant Research
10-01-2013 Darkness before Dawn: Economist Reviews Year Zero: A History of 1945, by Professor Ian Buruma
10-01-2013 Beautiful Human Beings: Nilaja Sun's No Child ... Comes to the Fisher Center
10-01-2013 It Started in Naples: Bard's Joseph Luzzi on Elena Ferrante’s Story of a New Name

September 2013

09-30-2013 The Silence of the Leaves: Bard's Verlyn Klinkenborg on Fall
09-30-2013 Bard Alumna, Faculty Amy Sillman MFA '95 Brings Sly Humor, Relevance to Painting
09-26-2013 President Botstein Gives OLLI Anniversary Lecture on Aging and Education
09-26-2013 Photography Professor Tim Davis '91 Is Documenting the State of the American Dream
09-26-2013 Letter from Nairobi: Teju Cole Honors Ghanaian Poet Kofi Awoonor, Killed in Terrorist Attack
09-26-2013 Bard Professor Walter Russell Mead Speaks at Denver Gold Forum
09-25-2013 Roger Berkowitz Talks Hannah Arendt, Education, and Civic Engagement
09-25-2013 Dan Gettinger '13 on the Maker Faire Movement
09-23-2013 Bard Professor An-My Lê's Photographs of U.S. Coast Guard Installed in New D.C. Headquarters
09-23-2013 "Oh, What a Lovely War!" Ian Buruma's New Book, Year Zero, Reviewed
09-22-2013 BHSEC Students, Graduates Participate in Photo Project for New York Times
09-22-2013 Beautiful Imperfections: Bard's Francine Prose on Nicole Holofcener’s Enough Said
09-19-2013 MATA Festival to Honor Bard Faculty Dawn Upshaw at Annual Benefit
09-19-2013 An Interview with Choreographer, Bard Alumnus Dusan Tynek '97
09-19-2013 Bard Graduate Saim Saeed '13 on Patriarchal Society, Turkey, and Pakistan
09-19-2013 Pope Francis Lifts a Page from John Locke, Writes BHSEC Professor Steven Mazie
09-16-2013 A Q&A with Photographer, Cord Prize Nominee Lisa Kereszi '95
09-16-2013 Kennedy’s Greatest Legacy Was Hopefulness, Says Professor Richard Aldous
09-12-2013 Bard Alumnus Richard G. Frank '74 Nominated by President Obama for Key Post
09-12-2013 From Homeschool to Higher Ed: Bard's Bridge Program Helps Local Students Transition to College
09-12-2013 Academia Meets Fashion Week: Bard's Professor Mendelsohn Among the Most Stylish People in Literature
09-11-2013 Night Moves Marks Bard Professor, Filmmaker Kelly Reichardt's Take on Action-Thriller
09-11-2013 Embracing Wynne Godley, Levy Institute Economist Who Modeled the Crisis
09-11-2013 Professor Walter Russell Mead: The Constitution, the Sour Spot, and the Great Syria Train Wreck
09-11-2013 The Great Ascender: Bard Faculty, Composer Joan Tower on Her 75th Birthday
09-10-2013 Conservatory Alumnae, Sopranos Dhegrae and Greif Impress at Resonant Bodies Festival
09-09-2013 Bard's Francine Prose Explores Three Quiet Museums in Rome
09-09-2013 Ireland's Gatsby: Bard Professor Richard Aldous's New Biography of Entrepreneur Tony Ryan
09-05-2013 Bombing for Morality: Professor Ian Buruma Looks at Possible U.S. Intervention in Syria
09-05-2013 Haim Steinbach: once again the world is flat. at the Hessel Museum of Art
09-05-2013 Simon's Rock Faculty Brendan Mathews Debunks the Myth of the Perfect First Draft
09-05-2013 Empty Barn-Rafters: Bard's Verlyn Klinkenborg Asks What Swallows Can Teach Us about Instinct
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