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February 2017

02-15-2017 Bard College Landscape and Arboretum Program Presents Spring Lectures and Continuing Education Classes with New York Botanical Garden
02-13-2017 Professor Joseph Luzzi Asks Why Great Critics Make Disastrous Judgments
02-13-2017 Bard Professor Bruce Robertson: Climate Change and Fishing Lay "Ecological Trap" for African Penguins
02-10-2017 President Botstein in the New York Times: American Universities Must Take a Stand
02-09-2017 Bard Faculty Member Mark Lytle Appears on American Experience to Discuss Rachel Carson
02-09-2017 Greece’s Economy Minister and Bard Faculty Member Dimitri B. Papadimitriou Confident of Reaching Deal with Creditors
02-07-2017 British Artist Tracey Emin Funds Scholarship for Refugee Student at Bard College Berlin
02-06-2017 Scholars Behind Bars: Bard College Faculty Highlight the Bard Prison Initiative
02-06-2017 Mothers and Daughters Divided by Refugee Ban Encounter the Guilt of Good Fortune
02-05-2017 Bard Professor Myra Young Armstead on African American History in the Hudson Valley
02-04-2017 Laida Lertxundi '03 Reflects on Filmmaking, Bard Mentors
02-02-2017 Larry Fink's Take on the Dignity of Photography
02-02-2017 Bard Fisher Center and Catskill Jazz Factory Present French Jazz Series and Gala Performance Celebrating 100 Years of Jazz
02-01-2017 James Bagwell: Super Conductor

January 2017

01-31-2017 Porochista Khakpour Asks: How Can I Be a Refugee Twice?
01-30-2017 Francine Prose: Forget Protest. Trump's Actions Warrant a General National Strike
01-27-2017 Professor of Human Rights Ian Buruma on Realignment of U.S. and Global Power under Trump Administration
01-26-2017 Duane Linklater MFA '13 Examines Representation of Indigenous Artists in New Exhibition
01-24-2017 President Botstein Directs TŌN at the Met, Exploring the Visual Artists Who Inspired Brahms
01-23-2017 Bard's Roger Berkowitz on the Resurgent Popularity of Hannah Arendt after Donald Trump's Election
01-20-2017 Meet Tschabalala Self '12, the 26-Year-Old Artist Empowering the Lives of Black Women
01-18-2017 Bard Professor Richard Aldous among Irish Writers Having Their Say on President Trump
01-10-2017 Bard Alumna Ting Ting Cheng '02 Is on the Organizing Committee of the Women's March on Washington
01-06-2017 Professor Felicia Keesing on How Opossums Help in the Fight Against Lyme Disease
01-06-2017 Bard Drone Center Directors Arthur Holland Michel '13 and Dan Gettinger '13 Collaborate on Drones: Is the Sky the Limit? at the Intrepid Museum
01-05-2017 ICP-Bard Graduate and Artist Nona Faustine MFA ’13 Presents a Living Monument to the Ghosts of American Slavery
01-05-2017 Alumna Jane Wong '07: Poet, Author, Keen Observer
01-02-2017 Professor Felicia Keesing on the Tick Project
01-01-2017 Kelly Reichardt Talks Certain Women, Peggy Ahwesh, Peter Hutton, and Bard
01-01-2017 What You Can't See Can Hurt You: Invisible Adversaries at Bard

December 2016

12-31-2016 Artist Christine Sun Kim MFA '13 Is Challenging "Hearing Etiquette"
12-25-2016 2016: The Year According to Filmmaker and Bard Faculty Ephraim Asili
12-24-2016 BGIA Faculty Elmira Bayrasli on Why Turkey and Russia Need Each Other
12-24-2016 Toward a Sustainable Economy: Eban Goodstein Takes the Long View on the Impact of Trump's Presidency
12-23-2016 Bard Economist Pavlina Tcherneva on European Populism and the Region's Economy
12-22-2016 Professor Sean McMeekin: Russia, Turkey—and the United States?
12-22-2016 Talking Policy: James Ketterer on the United States' Middle East Policy
12-20-2016 President Botstein Draws Parallel between Postwar European Anti-Semitism and 2016 American Racism
12-19-2016 Bard Prison Initiative: Exercise in Student Activism Opens Doors to Academic Achievement
12-18-2016 Longy Students Crowdsource Schubert’s Winterreise, Set Song Cycle in Subway Station
12-17-2016 Professor Kenneth S. Stern Asks: Will Campus Criticism of Israel Violate Federal Law?
12-15-2016 President Botstein Signs Open Letter to Trump Administration Calling for Action on Climate Change
12-15-2016 Roger Berkowitz on What Hannah Arendt's Philosophy Says about the Threat to Public Discourse Under a Trump Presidency
12-14-2016 Professor Ian Buruma Explores Themes of 2016: Across Continents, Autocrats Take Control
12-14-2016 Truth Is Evaporating Before Our Eyes, Writes Francine Prose
12-13-2016 The Best Art of 2016: Bard Graduate Center's Artek and the Aaltos Makes New York Times List
12-12-2016 President Botstein Writes on the Election and the Lessons of Nationalism and Assimilation
12-12-2016 Bard MFA Professor R.H. Quaytman Wins $25,000 Robert De Niro Sr. Artist Prize
12-11-2016 Nicholas Serota Wins Bard Curatorial Award
12-11-2016 Max Kenner '01 to Receive John F. Kennedy New Frontier Award for Work with Bard Prison Initiative
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