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July 2016

07-25-2016 Mascagni's Iris at Bard SummerScape: "a beautiful, powerfully emotional opera"
07-25-2016 Bard's Center for Curatorial Studies Gets a Remodel
07-24-2016 For LGBTQ Students, Safety Is "Not Enough," Says Bard MAT Professor Michael Sadowski
07-24-2016 Leon Botstein Makes the Case for Mascagni
07-24-2016 Iris at Bard SummerScape
07-23-2016 Opera Review: Her Daddy Said: "A Whore"
07-21-2016 Capturing a Composer's Legacy: Professor Laura Kuhn Edits Selected Letters of John Cage 
07-21-2016 Bard College Berlin Partners with Kiron, Free Online Learning Platform for Refugees, and Accepts First Kiron Student on Full Scholarship
07-21-2016 Mascagni's Iris, Precursor to Puccini's Madama Butterfly
07-20-2016 Italianate Ardor, Beyond Puccini: Bard SummerScape Presents Rare Staging of Mascagni’s Iris
07-20-2016 James Darrah Directs Bard SummerScape Production of Mascagni's Iris
07-20-2016 The Cultural Criticism of the Now in Teju Cole's Known and Strange Things 
07-19-2016 New Initiative Helps Prisoners See Themselves as Students
07-19-2016 Iris Weaves Mythic Tale of Innocence, Venality at Bard SummerScape
07-18-2016 Be Mindful of What You Consume, Writes Elizabeth Royte '81
07-17-2016 Wyatt Mason’s Letter of Recommendation: Audiobooks Read by the Author
07-16-2016 A Coup in Facetime: Professor Sean McMeekin on Turkey
07-14-2016 Alumna Rikki Ducornet '64 Collaborates with Sculptor Margie McDonald in CRAZY HAPPY Exhibition 
07-14-2016 Real Artists, Real Humans: Inside Bard Alumna Amy Granat’s St. Louis Gallery
07-13-2016 Puppet Demolition: Hypnotizing Visions of a Chilling Future Come Zooming Out of the Past at Bard SummerScape
07-13-2016 Artist Carlos Motta MFA ‘04 Shines Light on Pre-Andean Queer Culture in Exhibition
07-13-2016 Turkish Photographer Emine Gozde Sevim ’08 on Her New Photography Book, Embed in Egypt
07-11-2016 Are We Ready for the Next Recession? Professor Pavlina Tcherneva on Policies to Keep Unemployment Down
07-10-2016 Bard MBA Professor Kathy Hipple on the Impact of New Fiduciary Duty Rule on Millennial Investors
07-10-2016 America in a Time of War: Professor Christopher McIntosh Interprets Orlando
07-10-2016 Review: A Harrowing Puppet Show, Demolishing Everything with Amazing Speed
07-10-2016 Bard Faculty Daniel Mendelsohn and Francine Prose on the Genius of Marcel Proust
07-08-2016 Inside the CCS Bard Galleries: Tony Oursler’s Occult Archive—A Family Affair
07-06-2016 Two Left Feats: BHSEC Professor Steven Mazie Examines Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Left-Leaning Votes on Abortion Rights and Affirmative Action 
07-05-2016 Fantasque, Bard SummerScape, New York—‘Subtle truths’
07-05-2016 Ballet Review: Fantasque at Bard SummerScape 2016
07-04-2016 Forgotten Futurist Puppet Shows at Bard SummerScape
07-01-2016 At Bard's Hessel Museum: Tony Oursler’s Grand Illusions, Science Left at the Door

June 2016

06-30-2016 I Saw the Figure 5 in Steel: Luc Sante on the Appeal of Junk Shops
06-29-2016 Professor Ian Buruma: Little England and Not-so-Great Britain
06-29-2016 New York Times on Valie Export and Invisible Adversaries at Bard's Hessel Museum
06-28-2016 New Yorker: Bard SummerScape Opens Friday with "zany, surrealist" Fantasque
06-28-2016 Bard Prison Initiative Students Gain Access to Pell Grants through Pilot Program
06-28-2016 Professor Neil Gaiman: How Batman Made Me Fall in Love with Comic Books
06-26-2016 A Stroll with Ecologist Erik Kiviat '76 
06-26-2016 How Greek Drama Saved the City, by Professor Daniel Mendelsohn
06-26-2016 I, Snowbot: For a Man Living in Exile, Edward Snowden Is Strangely Free, Appearing Virtually Around the World, Including as the Keynote Speaker at the Hannah Arendt Center's 2015 Conference, "Why Privacy Matters"
06-24-2016 How Frankenstein’s Monster Became Human: Francine Prose on Shelley's Classic
06-23-2016 From Brooklyn to Cannes: Ace Salisbury '08 Takes Leap of Faith with Help from Cameron Bossert '06
06-23-2016 Pia Carusone '03 and Rachel Gardner Open D.C.'s First Women-Owned Distillery
06-22-2016 Encroaching Water: Virginia Hanusik '14
06-21-2016 Bard's Jonathan Becker on Protecting Academic Values in International Partnerships
06-20-2016 Bard Senior Sana Mustafa Speaks on Behalf of Her Fellow Syrian Refugees
06-19-2016 A Bardian Collaboration: Hannah Schneider and Kate Stone Publish How We End.
06-17-2016 Bard High School Early College Baltimore Supports Deeper Learning
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