Jack Lee


Jack came to Bard from Atlanta, Georgia. As a Posse scholar, he is recognized as a young leader and receives a full-tuition scholarship to attend Bard. He’s a joint major in political studies and film, and plans to pursue a career in international broadcasting.

I chose Bard because I heard great things about the film department. Then, when I came to Bard I decided to take an international relations class with Michelle Murray, who is my adviser. Her class was amazing. Before I came here I avoided politics, but now I’m doing a joint major in political studies and film. I’m planning to work in broadcasting abroad. Culture, international studies, and languages are my passions. I speak conversational Spanish and basic Korean. I’m trying to combine all my interests. It would be great to just travel for years, working for different broadcasting companies.

I studied abroad over the summer in South Korea and really fell in love with Korean culture. I went with a few other Bard students through the Global Collaborative program at Kyung Hee University. I took courses in Chinese policy and politics, and a Korean medicine class. We were there to form bonds with the Korean students and learn about each other’s culture. After a month of classroom learning, we participated in an internship program, which is funded by Civic Engagement here at Bard. I ended up working at Seoul Women’s Hotline on their fifth annual film festival for women’s rights. I got a lot of production and public relations experience there.

I started a media group with some other students called BOTV. It stands for Bard on Television. We wanted to create a group that would advertise for clubs and events on campus, and also produce creative content. Right now we’re doing a Web series about students at a liberal arts college. There are a lot of programs on television and online that hype up college life with parties and frats. That isn’t our experience at Bard. We want to create a drama-comedy series that depicts what college life is like for us.

Bard has changed my way of thinking. I’ll admit that before I came to Bard I was a little close-minded. Bard has opened my mind. It’s helped me reassess why I like the things I like and do the things I do. It’s given me a clearer understanding of what I want out of life. I think that’s incredible.