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Bard College To Host National Middle School Math Competition

Jennifer Wai-Lan Huang
ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, N.Y.––Bard College mathematics professors Japheth Wood and Lauren Rose, the Bard Math Circle, and the Bard College Mathematics Program are proud to host the American Mathematics Contest 8 (AMC8) for middle school students in the Mid Hudson Valley. The contest will be held in the Gabrielle H. Reem and Herbert J. Kayden Center for Science and Computation at Bard College on Tuesday, November 13, at 4:30 p.m.

The AMC8 is a 25-question, 40-minute exam containing engaging math problems that are challenging at the middle-school level. The exam is intended to develop and enhance problem-solving skills and to promote enthusiasm for mathematics. Students are exposed to the richness of middle-school level mathematics at a deeper level than ordinarily encountered in the schools. Although geared toward middle-school students, upper elementary school students are welcome to enter the contest.

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About the Bard Math Circle
The Bard Math Circle, organized by students and faculty at Bard College, is a mathematical enrichment program geared toward middle school and upper elementary students. We bring puzzles and games and run hands-on workshops in local libraries and schools to help students strengthen their critical thinking skills, and to make math more fun.

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