International Students Deadlines

First-Year Dates and Deadlines 2018

Use the following schedule as a guide to the dates by which you should submit all required materials for entering Bard College. Please go here to access forms and links for the following: 

  • May to Mid-June: This is the timeline for visa document processing for incoming first-year international students. You will receive an email soon after your visa document is processed and mailed.
  • Before June 1: Set up and log in to the student Bard College email account. (Directions on how to log in are on the student's Bard applicant portal.)
  • By June 1: Submit the required Housing Profile (and optional Athletics and Recreation Profile and Disability Registration Form). 
    NOTE: By mid-July, students will be notified about housing assignments and mail box numbers. 
  • By June 1: Enrolling Student Information Form (This form is on the student's Bard applicant portal.)
  • Mid-June to July: Bard processes visa document packets mailed to student's mailing address
  • By July 1: Submit all required medical forms.
  • By July 14:  Submit the required Sustainability Pledge.
  • By July 20: Submit the Bard College Health Insurance Plan Opt-Out Waiver.
  • By July 20: Submit your digital student ID photo (online and available now). Students must submit their photo by July 20, in order for your ID card to be in your check-in packet upon arrival.
  • Late June–August: Apply for a student visa at the nearest U.S. consulate in your home country or country of legal residence.
  • By August 3: Complete CampusClarity's "Think about It" Program. (The program link will be sent to your Bard email account mid-June.)  
  • By August 9: Complete the Math Placement Diagnostic. Once you have set up your Bard email account, you can go to the link.