International Students Deadlines

First-Year Dates and Deadlines 2018

Use the following schedule as a guide to the dates by which you should submit all required materials for entering Bard College:

  • Late May: Submit the required Housing Profile and optional Athletic Profile and Disability Registration
  • May–June: Submit requested information towards visa document processing
  • July 1: Sign into your Bard Email Account
  • Early July: Submit all required Medical Forms
  • Mid-June–July: Processed visa document packets mailed to student's mailing address
  • Mid-July: Submit the required Sustainability Pledge and Register ofr Bard's Emergency Notification System
  • Late-July: Submit the Bard Health Insurance Plan of Opt-Out Forms
  • Late June–August: Apply for the student visa at the nearest U.S. consulate in home country or country of legal residence
  • Early August: Submit your student ID Photo, the "Think about It" Program, and the Math Placement Diagnostic.
  • August–early September: Arrive on campus during expected date of arrival for orientation provided by the undergraduate or graduate program