Bard Student Arrival Checklist

2018 Bard Student Arrival Checklist

1. Fill out and return the following forms:
All forms can be found online at
Must Read: 
If Applicable: 
2. Log in and begin using your new Bard College e-mail account.
Bard is currently transitioning to Google Apps for Education for e-mail. You will receive a letter titled “Your Bard Account” via
the Bard Admissions Portal on December 20 that details how to access your Bard e-mail and other digital resources. More information
on Bard e-mail can be found at; an overview of our computing and technology
resources can be found at
3. Send a Finalized Transcript to the Registrar's Office
Transcripts from your previous institution(s)—including final grades—should be sent to Registrar Peter Gadsby at the address below.. If you have questions, contact him at or 845-758-7458.
  • Mail transcript(s) to:
    Peter Gadsby
    ​Office of the Registrar
    30 Campus Road
    Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000
4. Submit your digital student ID photo.
Your student ID is your primary identification on campus. Student IDs are used to purchase meals at dining halls, gain access to
buildings and events, use library services, and access individual dorm rooms. Please log in to the Student ID Photo Tool website
at to review photo requirements and upload your ID photos. If you submit your image by January 16, your ID
card will be in your check-in packet upon arrival. Students who do not submit a photo by this deadline will be required to have their
photo taken at check-in.
5. Complete the Math Placement Diagnostic*
This diagnostic helps us determine which math and science courses would be most appropriate for you. Once you have set
up your Bard e-mail account, go to for information about the Math diagnostic, which will be available until Jan 20.
Please complete it before you arrive.
  • Take the Math Diagnostic

    *If you have already taken a college math class higher than 'college algebra' and received a 'C' grade or higher, you are exempt from taking the Math Placement Diagnostic. 

6. Complete Campus Clarity’s “Think about It” Program.
“Think about It” is an online educational program that addresses the important issues of gender-based misconduct and
alcohol/drug awareness. The program link will be sent to your Bard e-mail account in early January. The course must be completed
by Jan 15.
  • Complete the "Think About It" Program
7. Sign the Bard College Sustainability Pledge.
Fill out our Sustainability Pledge. Students who complete the form by Jan 5 will be eligible for a raffle (great prizes, we promise!).