"The child is whole. Every stage of development is complete in itself. The 3 year old is not an incomplete 5 year old.
The child is not an incomplete adult. Never are we simply on our way. Always we have arrived. Enjoy now!" 


Early Childhood Education at Bard 

We view children as citizens and our school is a child's community that grows hearts, bodies and minds. Our values include: Relationships, Community, Play, Movement, Conversations, Care and Thinking.  Our nursery school is living and evolving. Our inspiration comes from a constructivist approach and from the example of progressive early education such as the schools of Reggio Emilia.  The learning journey is grounded in the child's social development - forming identity, making friends and resolving conflicts. We respect child's play as intellectual research. Emergent projects are born from the children's interests, questions and theories.  Pedagogy is seeped in the culture of childhood, the languages of children, and the materials of expression such as socio-dramatic play, construction, blocks, art, sand, water, clay, books, authorship, stories, songs, poetry, movement, cooking, nature, wood-working, gardening, walks on campus and outdoor play every day in all seasons.          

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