Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Our teachers are chosen for their joy in working with children and their commitment to progressive early childhood pedagogy. We meet regularly and grow together through reflection, research, documentation and partnership with colleagues.  We practice the arts of teaching such as listening, observing, documenting, asking good questions, encouraging, coaching and guiding.  

"Listening to children is like opening a curtain or driving away a blanket of fog. I encourage you to listen to what we often do not have time or patience to listen to; namely the extraordinary laboratory of experiments that constitutes the child standing by our side." -Loris Malaguzzi

Early Childhood Institute of the Hudson River Valley

Our Directors

Carol Garboden Murray, Educational Director
Carol is the Educational Director, overseeing the program's philosophy, vision and growth. Carol holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Development and Special Education, NYS Teaching and Early Intervention License.  Carol founded the Early Childhood Institute of the Hudson River Valley which partners with other schools and local organizations to coordinate professional growth opportunities for early childhood teachers.  She writes articles and books for The National Association of Young Children (Young Children Journal), Exchange Press and Gryphon House Publishing

Kristine Williams, Children's Center Site Director & Early Childhood Program Manager
Kristine initially came to Bard as an early childhood teacher and then become a Director at The Children’s Children's in 2008. Kristine holds a Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Early Childhood Education and Sociology. Kristine has been working directly with children and families for many years in public, private, and corporate childcare settings.

Our Teachers

Nursery School: Allison Pulver, Jennifer Manon, Brittany Longobardi

Children's Center: Chrissy Joel, Frances Mercado, Lauren Boshart

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