Senior Year

Photo by Scott Barrow
Photo by Scott Barrow

Greetings from the Dean of the College

Welcome to a new semester, and to the start of the final year of your undergraduate education. It is an exciting time, and your Senior Project presents an opportunity to pose a question or challenge to yourself, and to bring all your intellectual and creative skills to bear on it. Every year, Bard seniors impress us with the quality and insight of their work, and we look forward to seeing all that you will accomplish.

The Center for Student Life & Advising

The Center for Student Life & Advising (CSLA) at Bard College is committed to supporting students in their academic and extracurricular endeavors. The CSLA provides academic and personal advice as well as mentorship to students throughout their time at the College. CSLA comprises the offices of the Dean of Student Affairs, the Dean of Studies, and International Student Services.

+ Commencement Week 2016

+ Moving to a New City

+ Applying for Fellowships or Scholarships

+ Postgraduation Career Plans

+ Senior Class Gift

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