Sophomore Year

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Welcome to Your Sophomore Year!
Sophomore year is a pivotal time in your college career, when considerable thought needs to be given to the direction you wish to take—both academically and personally—throughout the rest of your tenure at Bard. You will be asked to pick a field of study and chart your academic course. Some of you will join a TLS project or get connected with a new club. Some will choose to study abroad and begin that application process. Others will find a new area of interest that will drastically alter the course of your education. Although this time will be uniquely yours, you share with your peers the Moderation process and the advancement into the Upper College.

Moderation at Bard

Are you starting to think about Moderation? Wondering what it's all about? Watch this video to learn more about the process from students and faculty. Be sure to read the Moderation guidelines and talk with your adviser.

What We Do

Timand Bates '02, assistant dean of students, Dorothy Albertini '02, assistant dean of studies, and Jennifer Triplett, assistant dean of studies, provide personal and academic support to students navigating the distinctive challenges of the sophomore year. They work alongside faculty  advisers to assist students throughout the process of identifying a program of study and moderating into the Upper College.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Triplett (last names A-G) at, Dorothy Albertini (last names H-P) at, or Timand Bates (last names Q-Z) at or by phone at 845-758-7454. Or come by Sottery Hall and visit the Center for Student Life and Advising.



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