Tuition and Fees

Comprehensive Fees 2018–2019

Fees First-Year Students Returning Resident Returning Off-Campus
Tuition 1 $54,210 $54,210 $54,210
Room and Board 2 17,074 15,488 0
Campus facilities fee 0 0 352
Campus health services fee 3 470 470 470
Security deposit 4 225 0 0
Total $71,979 $70,168 $55,032
  1. Students registering for more than 20 credits will be charged a fee of $1,688 for each additional credit.  Please note that all enrolled full-time students will be charged an optional Tuition Insurance plan at an additional cost of $662, which is charged in the Fall semester.  Students who elect to waive the tuition insurance, must submit a waiver form online by the appropriate deadline, so that the charge can be removed from the student's account.  Information regarding tuition insurance is available at the Office of Student Accounts.
  2. All resident students are required to take the meal plan.  The Room and Board cost for first-year students includes the August Language and Thinking and January Citizen Science programs.
  3. The campus health services fee, which provides access to the health and counseling center, is required for all enrolled students. Please note that all enrolled students are required to have health insurance coverage. A 12-month health insurance plan is available through Bard at an additional cost of $2,828, which is charged in the fall semester. Students who elect to have alternate private plans must submit proof of coverage for confirmation that, upon review, is equivalent to the plan offered through Bard. Information regarding health insurance is available at the Health Services Office.
  4. The Security Deposit is a one-time only charge. It is refundable at the completion of a students' course of study at the College.

Contacting Bard Student Accounts

Bard College Office of Student Accounts
PO Box 5000
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504-5000
Phone: 845-758-7520
Fax: 845-758-7125